After donning boxing gloves, Ryan Garcia is ready to put a towel on his shoulder, a whistle in his mouth, and a stern look on his face. These are the visuals that fans might see soon, as he has decided to take up another job. To be his brother Sean Garcia’s head trainer. What’s more? The American fighter has already come up with a training regime for him, which will see his brother earn close to $50 million. You can’t seem to believe it, right? But that’s what he is claiming.

Sean turned in a disappointing display, as he went toe-to-toe against Amado Vargas at the Honda Center this past Saturday. The ominous signs were visible beforehand, as he, akin to ‘KingRy’, came overweight by 3 lbs. However, Sean couldn’t replicate his elder brother’s result against Devin Haney and struggled throughout the fight. Vargas knocked him down in the fourth round and then finished the fight with a heavy body blow in the sixth. It seems Garia, 25, wasn’t pleased with what he saw in the ring from his brother and decided to take over his training reigns.

“Sean may have taken an L. But here’s the great news about that. I wasn’t in his corner. The Vargas brothers, they are 1-0 on us. It’s okay. We’re gonna call for the rematch. And I’m the head trainer. Amado, what’s good?” Garcia declared as he linked up with Sean after the fight. How is the Victorville native going to ensure that? He shared the recipe, as he turned to his X handle.


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Calling shots on his situation, as he undergoes rehab for his alcohol issues and a year-long ban for PED abuse, Garcia noted in a comical response, “Ostarine alcohol and the right hook for Sean Is the regiment I’m currently working on with Sean And then the permanent ban after he makes 50 million.”

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Interestingly, $50 million is the payout that Garcia, at 24-1, reportedly collected for his fight against Haney this April. So, can he chart a similar path for his brother? This is something that fans will look forward to. But why has he taken such a drastic step to take on this odd job?


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Brotherly love lost: Ryan Garcia criticises Sean’s performance

While Sean succumbed to the first loss of his career, his awful outing didn’t sit well with Garcia. ‘Sugar Rush’ fell to 7-1, and Garcia didn’t hide his displeasure, as he declared, “Skipped rehab for this sh*t.”  The duo is already gearing for a rematch with Vargas, who only bolstered his unblemished resume to 11-0 with another devastating win.

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Garcia can keep himself occupied as he trains his 23-year-old younger brother, as he won’t be allowed to fight for a year after the NYSAC slapped a ban on him for the use of ostarine. The fans would like to see how he will fare in his new role.


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What do you make of this hilarious post by Ryan Garcia? Do you think him becoming Sean Garcia’s head trainer will turn around his brother’s career? Let us know in the comments below.