Snoop Dogg Roasts Boxer Rolando Romero for ‘The Worst Trash Talk of All Time’

Published 05/30/2022, 2:00 PM EDT

Observing a devastating hit from Gervonta Davis in the sixth round, Rolando Romero lost his latest fight in Barclays Center, Brooklyn. He arrived as an unbeaten challenger and gave Davis his twenty-seventh professional fight. For several months, Rolly and Tank exchanged words prior to this event.

Romero took every opportunity of the ongoing promotion, and on various platforms trash-talked Gervonta Davis. However, fate had something very different planned, and Davis, in the end, stole the night. Well, now that the fight is over, rapper Snoop Dogg roasts Rolly, taking the matter to Instagram.


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Snoop Dogg gives Rolando Romero the tag for the worst trash-talker of all time

Snoop Dogg shared a brief clip of Rolando Romero talking at the pre-fight conference. In the caption, he wrote, “😂😂😂 wtf.” In the clip, fans saw Romero, Davis, and Leonard Ellerbe.


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Taking the podium to himself, Rolando voiced his strong thoughts to the media, especially to Davis. The following is what the fans heard the challenger say in the video:

“Man, I just wanna say I’m excited to be here on Showtime, you know what I mean. I might be the pay-per-view fighter with the least amount of fights, you know.”

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Having made a strong, self-appreciative statement at the conference, he then looked at his opponent, Gervonta Davis. “I’m gonna knock this dwarf the f**k out. You hear that. I’m gonna knock you the f**k out. You know how it is,” he added.

Visibly cringed at Romero’s comments, Davis, for most of the part, remained quiet.

Gervonta Davis adds salt to Romero’s burn as he speaks

Gervonta Davis kept his cool and paid very little heed to what Romero had to say about the former. However, he broke his silence for once and claimed Romero to be scared of him.

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Infuriated at this remark, Romero added some more hilarious lines to his everyone’s laugh.


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“What the f**k am I scared of you a little? You a stupid, f**king dwarf, man. I’m telling you. I can not even mess with your f**king head. Your f**king little T-Rex arms. My d**k’s longer than your f**king arms. Yeah, like that,” he added.

Well, looks like Davis did himself a justice defeating Romero in this much-hyped bout.


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