Terence Crawford Details the “No.1 Thing” He Has Over Other Fighters: “Boxing Is a Thinking Man’s Sport”

Published 08/11/2023, 2:16 AM EDT

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In his latest appearance on The Breakfast Club, Terence Crawford revealed the no. 1 thing that made him different from all the fighters in the sport. As per Crawford, it is this precious possession that leads him to have an advantage over his opponents regardless of how well-trained they are. Crawford, who believes Errol Spence Jr. should not retire from the sport, identified boxing as a thinking man’s sport and called himself a thinker.

In addition, Crawford talked about enjoying his training with Shakur Stevenson at the gym. According to ‘Bud’, the way he and Stevenson approach boxing is very different from others in the sport. Here is what makes the two-time undisputed champion better than his contemporaries.

The one thing that makes all the difference for Terence Crawford


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According to Terence Crawford, boxing is a thinking man’s sport. In his opinion, it is his ability to out-think that makes him different from the other fighters in the sport. Likewise, Crawford strongly believes that he can find an advantage over an opponent even if they are more athletic, faster, and stronger than ‘Bud’. “When I’m in the rig I’m a thinking man. So, you can be more athletic than me. You can be faster than me, you can be stronger than me. You can be more powerful. But I’ma find a way to get the advantage over you because I’m out-thinking,” announced ‘Bud’ Crawford.


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Provided the manner in which he thinks, Crawford believes he can recognize and capitalize on his opponent’s mistakes. “Boxing is a thinking man’s sport. No. 1 thing that I have over other fighters is my mind, the way I think, the way I capitalize on your mistakes, the way you do something wrong and I recognize it and I make you pay,” the two-time undisputed champion added. Along these lines, Crawford expressed how much he enjoyed training with Shakur Stevenson. As per Crawford, training with Shakur is equivalent to participating in a chess match.


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What do you think makes ‘Bud’ Crawford different from other fighters? Do you believe Crawford’s ability to think gives him an advantage over his opponents in the fights? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Follow EssentiallySports for all the latest boxing updates.

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