Terence Crawford Gives Reality Check to Haters Calling Him Out for His Recent Fashion Choice

Published 02/23/2024, 3:44 PM EST

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The boxing world has its fair share of fashion icons. Speak of Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson, and Ryan Garcia. Now, joining this varied list is another bonafide fighter of this generation, Terence Crawford.

This time around, the 2-time undisputed champion, ‘Bud’ Crawford, has hit virality for reasons that have nothing to do with his impeccable boxing skills. A few days ago, he posted a fit-check on his Instagram stories that left fans divided. While some agreed that the outfit had nailed the “slayed” look, others felt it was out of place. In response to the latter set of fans, he clapped back.

Terence Crawford can’t take the criticism?


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On his Twitter, without being specific on what he was talking about, the southpaw came heavily down at those who slammed him for his latest outfit. While he did not defend his fashion sense, or even endorse it further, Bud questioned why so many were raging on his choice of garments. On X, formerly Twitter, he wrote, “Since when did grown man start caring about what another grown man has on?”

In an attempt to look down on those who were criticizing him based on fashion, the fighter remarked, “Yall guys out here is starting to adopt female traits.” The ones he’s referring to here are those users on social media who bashed Bud for a varsity jacket that was not any regular one.


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Is that a jacket or a trench coat?

On Instagram, ‘Diamond K’ Williams, CEO of a media company reposted an image, the 36-year-old champion had previously storied on his Instagram. In the screengrab, the Nebraska-based fighter can be seen wearing a red and white, varsity jacket, the length of which resembles that of a trench coat. Along with the atypical jacket, Crawford wore loose-fitted skinny pants and black boots, striking a pose with hands in his much-discussed jacket’s pockets.


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In today’s era, fashion has become an area where dominant narratives are being flipped to suit personal choices. While Crawford’s outfit could be part of this culture, some fans have not been very accepting of that. However, he’s not one to shy away from taking down his critics.

Do you think his response would have shut his critics down? The world might not agree with his fashion choices, but Terence Crawford is not one to self-deter because of his critics. Like in the ring, he walks the path of fashion, unabashedly.


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What do you think of his varsity jacket? Let us know in the comments section below.


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