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“That Is Literally the Same Photo”: Boxing World Shows No Mercy as Adrien Broner Undergoes Physical Transformation

Published 01/29/2023, 6:30 AM EST

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Boxing fans held nothing back when Boxing Kingdom posted Adrien Broner’s before and after photos. The post shared his 18 months of struggles with drinking. The post claimed that Adrian Broner’s alcoholism was to such an extent that he would start drinking in the morning and would not stop till he would pass out. It reported that Broner used to drink a staggering amount of 50 alcoholic drinks every single day.

The post then congratulated the boxer on his return to the boxing world. It also said that it was great to see him once again being motivated and getting back in shape. Following this, the ‘before and after’ photo was shared.

Adrien Broner’s comeback: Fans pour in mixed reactions to his alcohol addiction claims


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Fans were quick to point out that the sheer number of drinks that the post claimed he had was impossible for anyone to consume. It is a huge amount for even a single day, not to say anything about every day for the duration of 18 months. One person wrote that it would be pretty naive to believe that he drank 50 drinks a day for a week, let alone for 18 months.

One person mocked Broner that he drank to the point his neck disappeared.


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One person wrote that he sees no difference in both pictures, Adrien is just flexing on one and relaxed on the other.

One person wrote that Adrien should change the name from about billions to about broke, since he has spent everything he earned. He further added that Adrien’s punch resistance is gone so he should make a comeback.

However, there were also some comments that were very supportive and wished Adrien the best. One person congratulated the boxer.

Another person wrote that even though they don’t like Adrien, everybody deserves a second chance.

Someone wrote that they always like Broner and that they were glad to see that he is healthy.

Adrien Broner chooses health over boxing: Retired from sport


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Last year, Adrien Broner shared on social media that he will be retiring from boxing. He cited mental health concerns as his reason behind the decision. He expressed that he has seen many fighters die in the ring due to mental health issues. Furthermore, he did not want to make the same mistake as them.

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He also wrote that he needs to focus on making changes for the better, instead of worrying about other people’s feelings and pleasing them. He stated that he has nothing left to prove to anyone. And that his mind wasn’t 100% there before. Broner is scheduled to make a comeback and take on Ivan RadKach on February 25.


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It will be interesting to see the former 4-time world champion return. Fans are wondering if Broner will be able to get the spark back. So the fight with Radkach will be a chance for him to prove the critics wrong.

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