The ‘Big Fish’ Gets Fried: Errol Spence vs Terence Crawford Round-By-Round Analysis

Published 07/30/2023, 12:15 AM EDT

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Errol Spence Jr. and Terence Crawford finally made it to the ring. The wait was over and the world witnessed a historical fight. Errol Spence Jr. entered the ring accompanied by BigXthaPlug singing “Texas”. On the other hand, Terence Crawford arrived with Eminem and his masterpiece “Lose Yourself” setting the tone for the fight. Certainly, it was high time someone seized “everything you ever wanted“. Finally, after all the wait, it was time for Jimmy Lenon Jr. to introduce the duo and announce the commencement of the fight.

‘Bud’ fought patiently and had Spence Jr. in a fix. After the end of the fight, both boxers spoke in favor of a rematch. Here is the round-by-round analysis of Spence Jr. vs. ‘Bud’ Crawford.

Terence Crawford vs. Errol Spence Jr. in a nutshell


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Round 1

With Harvey Dock as the referee in charge, the bout began. Spence Jr. started in a southpaw stance and threw his jabs. While ‘The Truth’ tried to occupy the center of the ring, Crawford caught the former with a stinging jab. Crawford fought in the southpaw stance too and maintained a tall guard. Although Spence Jr. tried to corner Crawford, the latter countered with his left hand.


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Round 2

Spence Jr. pushed Crawford and started throwing combinations. While Spence Jr. tried to throw head-body combinations, Crawford caught ‘The Truth’ with his fast and explosive jabs. By and by with a 1-2, Crawford knocked Spence Jr. down.

Round 3

Spence Jr. looked desperate and tried to corner Crawford again. However, Crawford kept his calm and countered Spence Jr. with accurate and effective jabs. He caught Spence Jr. with a lead hook. Already, Spence Jr. looked out of breath and hurt.

Round 4

Crawford became aggressive. In addition, he changed levels and went to the body of Spence Jr. The duo started digging. However, Crawford hit Spence Jr. with an uppercut and a left hook. Subsequently, Spence Jr. was cut to the quick and his face looked close to exploding.

Round 5

Before the beginning of the round, the doctor checked Errol. On the other hand, accuracy, speed, and power demonstrated Crawford’s boxing. Crawford countered Spence Jr. with a right hand. As per the commentators, Crawford landed 58% of his power punches. Undoubtedly, ‘Bud’ was at home.

Round 6

Meanwhile, Spence Jr. started backing up but composed Crawford had the former against the ropes. Soon, Errol’s punches seemed to carry no power either. At this, Crawford again brought Spence Jr. to the book with his incredible jab. He fought shy of fancy swings and relied entirely upon basic punches and accuracy. His uppercut caught Spence Jr. on the jaw. At this point, Crawford was easily able to telepath some of Errol’s swings.

Round 7

Spence Jr. seemed to be at sixes and sevens in the ring. His punches had no response to Crawford’s accuracy. To add to that, Crawford dropped Spence Jr. twice before the round ended. Luckily, Spence Jr. was saved by the bell.

Round 8

In the middle of the round, one of the commentators said Crawford’s boxing was “one of the most stupendous I’ve ever seen“. Likewise, Crawford fought with patience and landed 38% of his jabs. He wobbled Spence Jr. once more before the round ended.


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Round 9

By and by, one of the commentators announced, “This fight is close to being over“. Crawford kept pounding and finally, at 2:30 on the clock, Harvey Dock came to Spence Jr.’s rescue. ‘Bud’ won the bout via TKO. After the referee stopped the fight, Crawford went to Spence Jr. and said, “You’re one hell of a fighter“. “It means everything. They talked bad about me. Tonight, I showed how great I am,” Crawford, who opted for a knockout, declared after the fight.


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