“They Better Accept The Fight”: Salt Papi Sends Open Challenge To Blueface

Published 08/23/2023, 11:19 PM EDT

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The world of boxing still grapples with the question of how inclusive it could really be to influencers taking to professional bouts. It is a discourse that has polarizing opinions and somehow seems to be one that keeps getting updated. Now entering the conversation are Salt Papi and Blueface. While more folks from the entertainment industry step into the realm of boxing, it has become a norm to see them fight amongst themselves to not gather titles but to entertain their followers. Well, that’s the top layer of it. Deep down it is also about the money.

It is a paradigm shift that today holds major stakes in the sports fraternity. A huge part of this equation off-court is rivals who enter the ring to settle their dispute once and for all. Joining this bandwagon would now be Salt Papi and Blueface if they ever face off against each other.

Salt Papi wages war against Blueface


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In an interesting turn of events, the influencer-turned-boxer, Salt Papi sent a rather interesting invitation to his next opponent. The fighter took to his Instagram to post a video wherein he can be seen provoking Blueface into a fight in his own style. Papi without speaking, gestured toward his boxing gear, an uncommon way of nudging his opponent to enter the ring.

Captioning the post, “They better accept the fight,” he also referred to the claims made by rapper Wack 100. The latter had allegedly stated that Salt Papi had enough clout to see himself being defeated by Blueface. However,  the fighter sent out this bold invitation and it remains to be seen if the fight actually materializes.


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Salt Papi looks to recover from the loss handed to him by Anthony Taylor this May when the two clashed in a 3-round matchup. The fighter also awaits to find his next opponent as his bout against Slim Albaher collapsed in its inception period. The latter had reportedly asked for a sum that seemed too extravagant.


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Blueface on the other hand has also fought once in the ring. In his exhibition matchup against Ed Mathews, he won in the third round through a knockout. He was also making headlines recently for sparring with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

As the two make their way into the boxing industry, it is to see if they will ever get to fight against each other. Both influencer-turned-boxers have shown interest in fighting against each other. The only thing left now is for the negotiations to hit the road.


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Do you think Blueface is an ideal opponent to Salt Papi? Drop in your thoughts in the comments section below.

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