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“This Is Disgusting”: Former World Champion’s Belts Getting Stolen in Home Robbery Leaves Boxing World Furious

Published 02/26/2023, 2:54 AM EST

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Yordenis Ugas has dominated the welterweight division for almost a year till April 2022. He held the WBA welterweight title for that specific period of time. Ugas is well known as the last opponent of the Filipino legend Manny Pacquiao before the latter’s retirement. Ugas managed to retain the WBA (Super) welterweight title by defeating Pacquiao. There were talks regarding a rematch between the two fighters, but it didn’t come to fruition. Eventually, he lost his welterweight title to Errol Spence Jr. on April 2022.

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But, recently, the boxer nicknamed ’54 Milagros’ has reported a robbery at his house. His house was robbed by two unknown thieves and they’ve been accused of stealing his championship belts. Ugas took his frustration out on Twitter and posted a video of footage from his security cameras.

Ugas has found himself in a frustrating situation following the robbery. He has come out and called the thieves ‘rats’ on his Twitter post.


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The fans were outraged about the fact that the thieves stole something that was acquired through hard work and dedication. But this is not the first time, where Ugas had to deal with robbery of such kind.

How did Ugas react to the loss of his championship belts to yet another robbery?

The robbery at Yordenis Ugas’ house

In the video posted by Ugas, the thieves can be seen trying to break into the house, with their pieces of equipment. And then in another segment, both of them could be seen running across the backyard with one of them holding Yordenis Ugas’ championship belts.

And then they flee out of the back door. Well, the investigation is still going and the police had still not confirmed the identity of the two individuals visible in the recording. And this incident took a major toll on the mental stability of Ugas and his fiance. Fans are still confused about the boxer’s marital status, and the question still lingers on the internet, is Ugas married?


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Now he’s also been robbed by thieves before, back in 2019. At that time too, a lot of his precious belongings were stolen. Furthermore, he said on Twitter that thieves must ‘pay with their lives’ for their crimes. The frustration of the boxer was evident.

Now after approximately three and a half years, the boxer is in a similar situation, robbed of more precious belongings. His belts were stolen which is a testament to the hard work and sacrifices he made for his boxing career. The fans came in full support of the boxer when the news got viral.

Fans show their concerns to Yordenis Ugas

Some fans tried to give ’54 Milagros’ some advice, while others felt sorry for the boxer’s condition. But all the comments were in the support of Yordenis Ugas. Let’s have a look at some of them.

One fan, BoxingKid3, suggested Ugas keep a dog as his pet so that it can guard the house.

Another fan, kayodebongwater hopes that the culprits get what they deserve.

One More fan, lion_inme, tweeted along the lines of the previous comment and hoped that Ugas’s belts get recovered.

A fan, Menorah_haeretz, said that it’s quite unfortunate that his family has to go through something like this.

S_HaiNe82 wrote that the belts would get recovered but it’s a good thing that his family is safe and secure.

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The Fan's Perspective

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One of the fans, TapiaAdrian56, stated that this whole scenario is very disgusting.


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The boxing world came in support of the Cuban boxer as he found himself in the center of yet another unfortunate incident.


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And everybody is hoping that this matter gets properly investigated and the thieves receive the required punishment.



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