Triple H Sends Jake Paul Crucial Advice in Case “Old Mike Tyson Shows Up” During Their Fight

Published 04/06/2024, 9:06 AM EDT

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It is the talk of the town. Not a single discussion goes by without touching on the Mike Tyson and Jake Paul fight. A match between the youngest heavyweight champion in history and a young influencer boxer. One is a bona fide boxing great, and the other, before he switched over to boxing four years ago, used to make his living as a YouTube content creator. For Logan Paul, it’s all the more personal.

After all, his younger brother’s career and perhaps his safety are on the line. It goes without saying that in ‘Impaulsive’s latest episode, he discussed the fight in detail with long-time friend and co-host Mike Majlak and guest Paul Michael Levesque, more commonly known as ‘Triple H‘ for all wrestling fans. Mike Tyson and Jake Paul will reportedly slug it on July 20 at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. It has been reported to be an exhibition contest.

Over a range of subjects, the trio invariably moored at ‘The Problem Child’ and ‘Iron’ Mike’s bout. Mike Majlak asked Triple H, “Can I get your thoughts on Jake Paul-Tyson as a fight as opposed to a program on Netflix, like what are you, like what happens dude?” ‘Triple H’ replied that he was still not sure about the fight. He saw sparring and training clips of the duo. But he’s unable to make out whether the footage is fresh or old.


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Logan Paul tried drawing an analogy with ‘Jedi’ master Yoda from ‘Star Wars’ fame. “Can I make the comparison to Yoda in Star Wars… like you know, Yoda, yeah like he’d be hopping around doing whatever, but when Yoda goes to battle, you can’t be Yoda,” he said. However, Majlak responded by reminding Logan that that was a piece of fiction.

Later, Impaulsive’s co-host emphasized that the sparring footage (of Mike Tyson) could be the latest. If it’s proven correct, then it worries him to the core. Majlak wouldn’t want to face Tyson at all. Triple H remarked, “Looks like he can hit like a tank, yeah, and your brother’s really good at keeping people outside, yeah, right.

Mike Tyson: Still Fast and Furious

Paul then shared how ‘The Problem Child’ has been sparring with boxers whose fighting style matches Tyson’s. Nevertheless, even he couldn’t prevent himself from lauding ‘Iron’ Mike, who, despite his age, could move so fast in the ring and hit hard as well.

Mike Majlak referred to Tyson’s latest interview, where Tyson said that he was feeling nervous. After all, Logan Paul stressed that he was going against a much younger and stronger boxer. But still, Majlak emphasized that ‘Iron’ Mike remains incomparable. He is altogether different, in a different league.


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Triple H then jutted, “If the old Mike Tyson shows up for five minutes, like, how do you get past that? right, right? That’s, he doesn’t need to be there for the whole fight, just needs to be there for five minutes, five seconds. Yeah, I don’t know I hear your strategy, and I see your strategy. I don’t know that I wouldn’t just run for two-three rounds and hope that he gets tired.

Nevertheless, the creative head of WWE commended both Paul and Tyson for getting into a fight. Given his age, like many, ‘Triple H’ expressed his concern for the former heavyweight champion. However, he reconciled, at the same time, that he’s a grown man who is free to do his own thing.


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