It’s been nearly 35 years. Most likely, it must have faded from the memories of most fans. However, Eddie Murphy‘s Mike Tyson impression at Jimmy Fallon‘s ‘The Tonight Show’ for sure must have triggered a few on time travel. Back in 1989, at the grand celebration of the late Sammy Davis Jr.‘s 60th year in the showbiz, the lead actor of Beverly Hills Cop’ joined then heavyweight champion Mike Tyson to felicitate the great singer-actor and comedian. As soon as ‘Iron’ Mike concluded his speech, Murphy joined in, mimicking the mannerisms of the boxing superstar to the letter.

The venue probably witnessed the loudest cheers, applause, and laughter in its history. Eddie Murphy didn’t disappoint on Jimmy Fallon’s show either. Rather, there was a bonus in store for the audience and fans as the host sifted through some old snapshots of the New York-born Hollywood icon.

Screen idol Eddie Murphy walks down memory lane, from the ring to the Oval Office


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So Jimmy Fallon first pulled a very old photograph. It featured Eddie Murphy flanked by the likes of James Brown, Reverend Jesse James, and Al Sharpton. Murphy recalled how, thanks to the ‘Prince Influence’, he started having a ponytail. He also shared some details of the interactions he had with the music legend.

Next, the 44th President’s turn came. Jimmy Fallon held a photograph that showed Eddie Murphy receiving the 2015 Mark Twain Award from President Barack Obama. So the award-winning actor-comedian revealed that it was the first time in his life that he was visiting the White House. He received the trophy in the Oval Office. So Jimmy Fallon asked whether he remembered anything from their conversation.

Eddie Murphy shared how Mr. Obama, out of the blue, checked with him on the kind of rinse he used for his hair! But that was enough for Jimmy Fallon and the audience at the show to burst into laughter. Murphy continued, “Because my hair was black. And I was like, “What?” “What kind of rinse are you using?” And I said, “I don’t use any rinse.” And his hair is salt and pepper, so he was like, “Wait a minute.

Then the Hollywood icon mustered some courage. He told the United States President that he was actually three months older than him. “Well, actually, Mr. President, you’re actually—I’m actually three months older than you. You’re, like, born in August,” he said. The 44th President of the United States replied, “That’s not making me feel any better.” Once again, the place shook with everyone’s laughter.

Then it was time for the next memory: Eddie Murphy joined Don King in raising Mike Tyson’s hand as he won another bout. The New York-born actor-comedian couldn’t pinpoint which fight it was. However, he remembered what Mike Tyson told him in his ears. A flawless imitation had him speaking exactly like Mike Tyson. “That guy hits like a f**king mule.

Jimmy Fallon and the rest couldn’t control themselves as they laughed their heads off. However, the host somehow brought himself up and said that he would have been scared to death hearing those words from a prime Mike Tyson.

You’re not alone, Eddie!


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When it comes to the Mike Tyson impression, Eddie Murphy might have a partner in crime or a competitor in Jamie Fox. The Oscar-winning actor enjoys a well-earned reputation as an impressionist. Perhaps, after Denzel Washington, the fans favorite remains the Mike Tyson mimicry. In fact, on Jimmy Fallon’s show, the ‘Ray’ star narrated how, after a Mike Tyson joke, as he awaited the applause from the audience, he noticed that no one laughed.


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Why? “Because Mike Tyson is in the building, and it was crazy because that’s when Mike Tyson was like knocking people out for just smiling, you know,” said Fox. As it happened in the Eddie Murphy episode, Jimmy Fallon and the guests were splitting their sides with laughter.

Whose impression do you consider better, Eddie Murphy or Jamie Fox? Please share your views with us in the comments below.