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WATCH: Floyd Mayweather Enjoys Skating in His Own Mansion

WATCH: Floyd Mayweather Enjoys Skating in His Own Mansion

Boxing isn’t the only sport Floyd Mayweather is very good at. The former five-weight world champion is skilled at skating as well. “Money” gave us a sneak peek into his mansion as he hosted a luxury skate party.

As the world continues its battle with the Coronavirus, skating in places that are mostly public is something that not most of us can do. But then if you’re Floyd Mayweather Jr, why would you want to go out when you have all the space in your own mansion.

Mayweather went live on Instagram as he was roller skating in his home. The lavish lifestyle of one of the highest-paid athletes of all time comes with its own perks. One of them is having a home big enough that you can cover a lot of ground while being under your own roof.

(Video Credits: FightHype.com)

Along with skating, Mayweather also gave a virtual tour of his home. Therefore, if you’ve ever wondered what his exorbitantly big mansion looked like, you can get an idea of the same (at least of the ground floor).

When Floyd Mayweather right before a press conference for the Conor McGregor fight

This isn’t the first instance when Floyd Mayweather surprised people while being on the wheels. Mayweather celebrated his 41st birthday with his friend Drake by going skating with him.

Perhaps Mayweather’s best performance on wheels came during his fight camp for Conor McGregor. Ahead of the official media tour for the MayMac fight, the undefeated boxer took some time off from his schedule and went skating at Crystal Palace Skating Center in Vegas.

His performance even garnered him comparison with Brian Boitano, the famous world champion figure skater.

Mayweather’s last fight in the boxing ring also came against Conor McGregor. The win over the UFC double champ took his undefeated record to 50-0. The 43-year old pugilist has often teased a return to the squared circle. He was even in talks with UFC supremo Dana White for the potential to return under the banner of Zuffa boxing.

However, this year has been rather tough for him on a personal level. He dealt with multiple losses in his family in March. Consequently, he put his plans of a comeback to a halt.

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