“You Ain’t a Money Fight”: Viddal Riley’s “Slimy” Callout of Tommy Fury Causes Uproar

Published 03/17/2023, 7:00 AM EDT

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Tommy Fury’s name has been soaring high ever since he managed to defeat Jake Paul via a split decision. Fury now has a lot of choices for his next opponent. There are many who would like to propel themselves up using the young Fury’s fame. He has even managed to receive a place in the WBC Cruiserweight division. Fury now stands at 39th place, one rank above Viddal Riley. It is safe to say that this has definitely crushed Jake Paul’s dream, as Tommy Fury managed to break through the rankings. Riley recently posted a video on his youtube channel, where he shared his thoughts about the situation.

Riley in his YouTube video, claimed that it only makes sense for Tommy Fury to fight him next. Riley said that since both Fury and he are world champion aspirants and are close in rankings, the two should dish it out in the ring. “It’d be a massive fight. The people will turn up,” he said.

He also compared other fighters in the division and claimed that he is possibly the next biggest fight for Tommy ‘TNT’. “If that’s your aspirations, why look anywhere else? Most people in those rankings are not going to bring anything on the table, other than a hard fight and a potential L for Tommy.


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While some fans are excited about the prospect of the two fighters going head-to-head, others have criticized Riley for not being a big enough draw to entice Fury into a fight. Nevertheless, Viddal Riley is also claimed to be the first YouTuber to be ranked by WBC.

Fans react to Viddal Riley calling out Tommy Fury

Riley’s recent callout of Tommy Fury has sparked a wide range of reactions from fans on Twitter in a clip posted by Happy Punch. One Twitter user, @sereneisinhell, pointed out that Riley had previously stated that Fury was not on his level, and had even predicted that Jake Paul would beat Fury in a potential fight. The user also suggested that Fury would not be interested in fighting Riley unless there was a significant financial incentive.

Another user, @und1sput3dtak3s, accused Riley of being “slimy” for issuing the challenge and suggested that Fury had more lucrative fights lined up, such as a rematch with Jake Paul and a potential bout with Salt Papi. They also noted that Fury could potentially lose money by fighting Riley and losing.

Meanwhile, some fans have questioned Riley’s motives for issuing the challenge, with user @timatyhe_flames asking whether Riley would have challenged Jake Paul had he won his most recent fight.

Despite these criticisms, some fans, such as @OfficialBPlus, expressed excitement about the potential fight between Riley and Fury. They also gave their predictions for the bout.


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User @StraightMsss, however, believes that Fury will never accept the challenge


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Nevertheless, it seems that a lot of fans don’t believe this fight will be taking place. It will all depend on what Fury has to say about this. What are your thoughts on the situation? Let us know in the comments section below.

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