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“You Can’t Afford No F**king Bonnet Back Then”: Raised in Poverty, Mike Tyson’s Harsh Reality Check Makes Guest Rethink About His Childhood

Published 05/10/2023, 7:30 AM EDT

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Now sitting on the throne of $10 million net worth, there was a time when Mike Tyson had nothing to survive on. Tyson’s father abandoned him when he was only 2 years old, and from that day, his mother, Lorna Smith Tyson, took up the job to properly raise three kids. But she died when Tyson was only a 16-year-old teenager and his sister also expired at the age of 24. So Tyson had seen a lot of deaths and had been through a lot of agony. But Tyson overcame it all, as he went under Cus D’Amato‘s wing and pursued his passion for boxing.

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Notably, Tyson once revealed how his mother’s ‘traumatizing’ move saved him from police records. In the recent episode of Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson gave a reality check to his singer guest, Ne-Yo which made him rethink his thoughts about his own childhood and he realized that he didn’t have as bad of a childhood as he thought he did.

Mike Tyson gives a preview of his childhood meal to Ne-Yo


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All three men on the podcast shared stories from their childhood and shared their experiences of eating Captain Crunch in the morning. That’s when Tyson gets in and talks about how they used to eat starch in the breakfast, and he knew that the other doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Tyson said, “You never ate starch, well y’all guys weren’t that poor then.” As he questioned their poor life, he goes on to show them a video of a woman eating starch. And Tyson’s amazed to see that now the food has become a “delicatessen“, and the girl in the video is definitely rich.


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Because according to Tyson, “Look you can’t afford no f**king bonnet back then, and she got that f**king bonnet on.” The actor-singer, Ne-Yo was amazed to see that the girl was actually enjoying the starch brick.

After the video ended, he stated that maybe he wasn’t that poor after all. And then Tyson stated that he didn’t know that rich people has started eating it. And there he was, once struggling through everyday eating starch as a compulsion. Then Ne-Yo goes on to say that people are weird and reveals a peculiar story from his own experience.

Ne-Yo’s story of a woman who ate stones like ‘Tic Tac’

Then Ne-Yo backs up Tyson on weird meals, as he talked about a woman who ate stones for fun. He revealed how she used to eat “20 rocks” in a single day. Ne-Yo further said, “Like stones, actual stones, she just popped them joints like Tic Tacs, I’m like what the hell is wrong with you? Who raised you.


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Then Mike Tyson wondered why it would be so difficult for her bowel movements, as it may be quite difficult for her posterior opening, and there is even a risk of it getting harmed. The co-host, Sebastian Joseph-Day even raised a concern about the woman’s teeth.

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But Tyson shuts him down by telling him that she must be swallowing the stones, as who can actually chew the hard rocks? The three men laughed at this and moved on to another conversation.

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