“You Can’t Make This Sh*t Up”: Ryan Garcia Threatens to Expose Jailyne Ojeda in Ugly Back and Forth

Published 04/17/2024, 5:30 PM EDT

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Ryan Garcia has landed himself in trouble yet again. Popular influencer, Jailyne Ojeda, has leveled some serious accusations against the fighter of inappropriate behaviour. However, in response, ‘KingRy’ has also broken his silence. He has refuted everything that she had to say.

Lately, the fighter has exhibited some concerning and erratic behavior on his social media. It has prompted fans to ponder if the fighter has drinking issues. While he’s denied the plausibility of the same, Ojeda has alleged that he is not the same person when he’s under the influence of alcohol.

Ryan Garcia fires back at Ojeda


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Remember the Instagram post, that now seems to be deleted in which Ryan Garcia posed with Ojeda and called her “cool”? Now, when she alleged that he tried to forcefully kiss her while he was drunk, the fighter responded by dismissing her entire series of allegations.

In a now-deleted X post, the 25-year-old came heavy at Ojeda and stated that he did not even remotely make her feel uncomfortable, as she claims. He noted, “And now ima have to expose her major for trying to frame like I even came to remotely making her feel a way…Lmfao you can’t make this shit up…She was feeling me major…She tries her best to seem different from the rest and play hard to get when she isn’t she is a bird brain.”


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In another post, he tried to de-escalate the situation by shifting the focus to his upcoming fight against Devin Haney. He wrote, “That ain’t even worth my time tbh…LMFAO LETS GO 4/20 baby…LIVE ON DAZN…This for you Jailyne.” 

While Ryan Garcia tried to paper over the cracks that her allegations have caused, it is hard for them to be ignored. Here is everything that has come out in this regard.


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What are the accusations?

Earlier, the Instagram model posted a statement on her Instagram stories that outlined her allegations in depth. She wrote, “I wasn’t going to say anything but I’m probably the ONLY girl that’s ever rejected Ryan and that didn’t want to have s** with him and didn’t even want to kiss him. I was happy to do the interview sold I thought he was cool but once he was drunk he was a completely different person.”

This was later followed by screengrabs of her alleged conversation with Garcia. In them, she can be seen asking Ryan to not try to kiss her, as she feels uncomfortable. In what appears to be his response, he can be seen admitting that he was “drunk” when it happened and that it would not happen henceforth.


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In another alleged screengrab of the text message between them, she can be seen saying, “I told you to stop so many times I literally was wrestling you and you even dropped me from how much you were forcing me to kiss you.” In reply, the Ryan Garcia can be allegedly seen apologizing to her and then promising to never do it again. As she accepted the apology, Ojeda reiterated, “I just want to make sure it wasn’t gonna happen again right now.” To which, Ryan Garcia’s reply reads, “lol nah.”

It remains to be seen what direction these allegations will take now. What are your thoughts on them? Feel free to share in the comments section below.


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