“Better Than Anyone on Our Roster”: Creed lll Actor Michael B. Jordan’s “Greatest Catch” on “The Eli Manning Show” While Wearing a NY Giants Jersey Stuns Fans

Published 02/24/2023, 7:00 PM EST

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Actor Michael B. Jordan recently made an appearance on “The Eli Manning Show” wearing a NY Giants jersey, where he attempted to replicate Odell Beckham Jr.’s iconic one-handed catch from 2014. The catch, which took place in the New York Giants locker room at MetLife Stadium, stunned fans and left Manning impressed. Jordan’s catch, which he made using two hands, was the highlight of the show and garnered a lot of attention from fans.

The video was uploaded on Instagram by nygiants and NFL and fans shared their reaction to the video.

Fans expressed their amazement at the remarkable catch by Michael B. Jordan, showering him with compliments and admiration. Jordan’s exceptional athleticism left many fans stunned and impressed. Nonetheless, a few fans mocked the catch, but the majority of the fans gave the video a positive review.

Micheal B. Jordan’s impressive catch

Michael B. Jordan, Eli Manning, and former Giants center Shaun O’Hara recently recreated Odell Beckham Jr.’s famous one-handed catch on the latest episode of “The Eli Manning Show.” Jordan donned a Giants jersey and joined Manning and O’Hara in the locker room before moving to MetLife Stadium to run a series of routes. In the end, they recreated Beckham’s catch, with Jordan using two hands to make the catch and falling backward onto a red trampoline in the end zone.


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Manning praised Jordan for his catch, saying he didn’t think he could do it. Jordan, who grew up in New Jersey and is set to make his directorial debut in “Creed III,” said he had always been a fan of the Giants and was inspired by running back Tiki Barber.

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Beckham’s famous catch came in November 2014 against the Dallas Cowboys when he was a rookie.

Fans React to Michael Jordan’s catch

Fans showed mixed reactions to the video.

One fan, ryanbrosky wrote, that Jordan individually possesses superior catching ability when compared to all members of their team. He wrote, “He catches better than anyone on our roster.”

Another fan, dariomicucci complimented Jordan’s athleticism. He wrote, “MBJ is in excellent physical condition; however, it is noteworthy how comparatively small he appears in his jersey and pads when standing alongside the actual players.”

Well, the credit for his physique has to be given to him and his team. He recently shared his workout and diet routine when he prepared for Creed 3.

cleary.breunig, wrote that he understands why MBJ is an actor. He wrote, “I see why he’s an actor.”

One fan pandemicmbm1 pointed out that Micheal B. Jordan appears to be lacking in speed. He predicted “Bruh slow, he would definitely be a 5 yards per catch type of guy”.

One fan brqdy was_taken joked that MBJ wants to be Odell Beckham Jr. He wrote, “Bro think he obj.”

Regardless of the views and criticism he received. It is true that it was a pleasant surprise seeing Micheal B. Jordan trying to recreate the historic moment that is etched in the mind of so many fans. The video showed Jordan’s talent not just in acting but also in football. What are your thoughts about the catch? Do share.


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