Jake Paul, With ‘Receding Hairline’, Slammed for Comments on Ohio State Football Team, Draws Wild Reactions

Published 11/28/2022, 6:15 AM EST

Sometimes a question is better left unasked. The answers may break your heart. Jake Paul’s latest inquiry probably tyrannized a few. The reactions that followed corroborate a foregone conclusion.

Sit tight, Ohio; here I come!


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Utterly disappointed with the performance of his home team, Jake Paul took to Twitter.

As if a batch of fans were awaiting the Problem Child’s opening gambit. Pouncing with a zeal that may put a leopard to shame, one after the other, ranted the YouTuber and now a pro-boxer.

A few did jump in between to justify Jake’s boxing track.

Now, that’s plain, flagrant below the belt.

Time to face the music.


Columbus, Ohio-based football team, Ohio State Buckeyes, lost the tiebreaker of the Big Ten East to the Michigan Wolverines. The team which won the Rose Bowl 2022 against Utah Utes in January this year failed against the Wolverines 45-23. It is the first time since 2000 that the Ohio team has lost to the arch-rivals Michigan.

Unhappy with the turn of events, Jake, in a style that is remarkably Jake Paulish, checks if there is a scope for him to join the college. The lighthearted wisecrack probably intended to buoy up the dejected fans.

It seems the timing was imperfect, for the tweet awfully missed the target and landed straight in the lap of the Andrew Tate fans’ club.

Jake Paul, Logan Paul and Andrew Tate, an intercontinental merry-go-around

Ever since it began, Jake Paul and Andrew Tate’s feud has never missed the cutoff time for the headlines. So fans expected the two to come to blows when they met face-to-face in Dubai, where the Floyd Mayweather – Deji Olatunji exhibition and the remainder of the undercards took place.

But the lady luck was partial to the event organizers as the two exchanged words and moved on.


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After defeating former UFC champion Anderson Silva on October 29th, the Problem Child has been hunting for a new opponent. Perhaps, the wings of credibility are working overtime to knit themselves around rumors of a fight with the Top G.

In parallel, talks of Tate fighting Jake’s elder brother Logan abound. Currently recuperating from injuries sustained in Crown Jewel, Logan seems willing to risk another shot at boxing.


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With its popularity catching up, the who’s who among the converts to crossover boxing will keep the fans on tenterhooks. When it boils down to the fans, they wish to see Jake Paul pick up a fight with someone they feel matches his skills, age, and physicality. Till then, any attempt at pleasantries might prove ill-timed.

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