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Mike Tyson Showing Absolutely ‘No Fear’ or Respect to Brazilians in Iconic Picture Goes Viral

Published 12/06/2022, 3:30 PM EST

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When one intends to elevate his standing, one of the easy-breezy options available to select is taunting. Tiring out an individual is a time-tested method to control behavior. Mike Tyson is a past master of this deadly form. Taking the war to the enemy’s territory, he was at his irreverent best by wearing a sports tee that belonged to the former’s arch-rivals.

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Mike Tyson is a man gone beyond the boundaries of boxing. His actions, words, and photographs; there is hardly any parallel in the world of boxing today who can afford Iron Mike’s influence.


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From South America, Brazil and arch-rivals Argentina have made it to the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, despite initial hiccups.

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But a world cup final between the two soccer powerhouses may sound bullish. A phenomenon yet to occur in the tournaments’ near-century history. However, that hasn’t muffled fans from trading jibes over social media platforms.

Welcome Mr. Mike Tyson, you forgot to change the T-Shirt!

An old pic of Mike Tyson is receiving a new life. Iron Mike in a number ten Albiceleste jersey bearing soccer-God Diego Maradona’s signature is on everyone’s lips.

The seventeen-year-old pic relates to the youngest heavyweight boxing champion visiting a court in Brazil. During a visit to Brazil in 2005, a local news channel’s cameraman, so the story goes, chased the champ. Not one to appreciate an intrusion in his privacy, Mike took matters into his own hands and punched the cameraman Carlos De Silva Melos, smashing his equipment in the melee.


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Taking notice of the incident, the police informed the champion to appear in court. The showing up part perked up the fans and the public at large. Of course, not one soul expected Tyson to visit a Brazilian court wearing an Argentina jersey.

Who is going to bell the cat?

But, given the South American nations’ historical soccer rivalry, Mike‘s blasphemous taunt invited rapturous reactions from the Twitterati.

Few tried linking Mike’s caper to him, having the entitlements that come with being one of the most recognizable sports personalities.

Some fans tried diffusing the matter as inconsequential.

Most, though, couldn’t help but admire the sheer guts and fearlessness of Mike Tyson.

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That was Mike Tyson, retiring the same year after losing the last bout of his professional career to Kevin McBride. Ever fearless, he stood up for what he felt righteous at that moment.

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Diego Maradona, his long-time friend and admirer, gifted the jersey to Iron Mike during a TV show. The latter’s passing in 2020 left Tyson with profound sorrow and grief.




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