“Tyson Fury’s Elbow or Mike Tyson’s Ear Bite”: Fans Have a Field Day as They Debate Over the Most Important Punch in Boxing

Published 11/06/2023, 3:15 AM EST

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What is the most important punch in boxing? Certainly, this is a question that is worth pondering over. Several people, not associated with the sport of boxing or any form of combat sports as such for that matter, are highly deluded in feeling that physical strength is of utmost importance inside the ring. While physical strength, size, and reach are undoubtedly crucial factors, anyone who wishes to gain positive results, must attach significance to skills that begin with an understanding of the basics.

In professional boxing, contemporary athletes fight for 12 3-minute rounds. While it is common sense that one will require commendable stamina and endurance to labor for 36 minutes, a good boxer shall simultaneously know how they must use their punches effectively. In this connection, several fans recently argued on Instagram, looking for the most useful punch in boxing.

Controversial opinions: fans refer to elbow by Tyson Fury and infamous bite by Mike Tyson


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Although round punches such as the hook and the uppercut are capable of delivering comparatively more powerful blows, an expert would know that the jab is the most useful punch of all as it taxes less but offers the most. Likewise, a busy jab is the sign of a good boxer in the ring. However, in this context, when boxing fans met on Instagram they concurred in selecting certain moves that have created controversies in response to the question posted by boxing.media – “What is the most important punch in boxing?” . Recently, when Tyson Fury faced Francis Ngannou, he hit the latter with a controversial elbow. As Ngannou chased ‘The Gypsy King’ with his jabs, the latter countered with a lead hook followed by an elbow.


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As a result, speaking of the most important punch, a fan said, “Elbow, I learnt that from Tyson Fury.”

However, one voted for Mike Tyson‘s bite: “The “bite his ear off” IMO,” they said. For those who need context, when Mike Tyson met Evander Holyfield in their 1997 rematch, ‘Kid Dynamite’ bit an ear of Holyfield.

Meanwhile, one was wise enough to state, “The one that lands.”

On the other hand, one felt, it was “The right hook to the liver.”

Finally, in yet another questionable utterance, one said, “The low blow.

In this context, since Fury was referred to, it is worth mentioning that while some feel ‘The Gypsy King’ landed the elbow deliberately, others believe it was an accident. However, Ngannou’s coach belongs to the former category as he strongly feels Fury elbowed ‘The Predator’ intentionally in the ring.

Ngannou’s coach feels Fury’s elbow was deliberate


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According to Ngannou’s coach, Dewey Cooper, ‘The Predator’ won five to six rounds against ‘The Gypsy King’. In his opinion, since Ngannou performed well comfortably, Fury was frustrated. In his language, the elbow Fury landed was but a “mark of frustration.” Likewise, on being asked if Fury’s elbow was intentional, Cooper said, “One hundred per cent.”

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That shows the frustration. When things aren’t going as easy or as cool as you thought, these types of things happen. I’m disappointed the referee didn’t even say anything or penalize him for it because that really made a difference in the fight,” expressed Cooper.


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As Ngannou exhibited a commendable performance, it upsets Cooper that Fury got away with an illegal move. Hopefully, Ngannou will return stronger and once again rattle the fans. Anyway, regarding the above question, what do you think is the most important punch in boxing? Let us know in the comments below.

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