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Despite Major Injury, Sara Hall Feels Pride in Completing the Boston Marathon: ‘Next Year Is Never Guaranteed’

April 17, 2024
sarah hall

Who Finished Last at Boston Marathon 2024? Rankings, Historic Moments, and More Discussed

April 15, 2024
Boston Marathon

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How Did Marcel Eric Hug Lose His Ability to Walk? Rare Condition of Boston Marathon 2024 Winner on Wheelchair

Marcel Eric Hug, a Boston Marathon winner, competes in a wheelchair due to a rare condition that has robbed him of the ability to walk.

Yashika Dutta

April 15, 2024

Marcel Hug

Boston Marathon 2024 Might Raise $200 Million; Plans to Breach $40 Million Streak

Boston Marathon 2024 poised to shatter records with $200M fundraising target, drawing global attention and support for charity causes.

Disita Sikdar

April 15, 2024

Boston Marathon

Grand Marshal Rob Gronkowski at Boston Marathon 2024: How Many Charities Is the NFL Player Involved In?

Retired tight end Rob Gronkowski serving as Grand Marshall for the 2024 Boston Marathon, girlfriend joins hands taking on noble mission.

Divya Purohit

April 15, 2024

NFL: Super Bowl LVII-Kansas City Chiefs vs Philadelphia Eagles