“Don’t Know About KO of the Year But Sure the Worst Ref of the Year”: Fans Outraged Over Brutal Boxing Knockout That Left Shaquille O’Neal Impressed

Published 10/08/2023, 2:13 AM EDT

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On September 1st, with the BBBofC British Super Welterweight title on the line, Samuel Antwi shared the ring with Mason Cartwright. Although Cartwright maintained a tall guard, Antwi frequently managed to penetrate and land his powerful shots. Despite keeping his hands low, Antwi maintained a distance that allowed him to study Cartwright’s movements inside the ring. In the fifth round of the fight, Antwi displayed impressive footwork and played with his jabs. With his swagger on, he almost reminded you of a prime Sugar Ray Leonard.

In the twelfth round of the bout, Antwi caught Cartwright with a huge right hook. As the shot froze Cartwright, Antwi followed up with a left hook and dropped the former. Immediately, the referee intervened and stopped the fight. Eventually, the KO has now come to NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal‘s notice. Taking to one of his Instagram stories, the 51-year-old shared his reaction with the fans.

Samuel Antwi amazes Shaquille O’Neal but gets criticized by boxing fans


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In addition to winning the NBA four times, O’Neal, who charges $200 to babysit, has a great love for combat sports, especially boxing. Likewise, when he noticed the clip of Antwi knocking out Cartwright, he could not help but exclaim, “Dam“. As per his reaction, it is safe to state that O’Neal enjoyed Antwi’s boxing skills. While O’Neal appreciated Antwi, several boxing fans were left displeased with his treatment of Cartwright in the ring. Despite the finish being branded “KO of the year,” a number of fans questioned the referee.

According to one fan, the follow-ups were “unnecessary“. “Great initial shot to put him out but the rest was Unnecessary,” they said.


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Likewise, one said, “You would hope to have restraint“.

Meanwhile, one thought the referee should have been “quicker to stop” the contest. “Definitely KO of the year from what I’ve seen so far,” they added.


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However, one wrote, “I don’t know about KO of the year, but sure the worst ref of the year“.

Finally, another felt that Antwi “should’ve just put his hands up after he saw that dude was frozen”.


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Hopefully, while Antwi would be pleased to learn about O’Neal’s reactions, he would also take the thoughts of the fans into consideration and display better sportsmanship. Likewise, we can only hope that the referee will also learn from his mistakes for the betterment of the sport. Meanwhile, what do you make of the reactions by Shaquille O’Neal? Let us know in the comments below.

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