“Happens to Me All the Time”: Fans Relate to Mike Tyson’s “Telepathy” Remarks by Sharing Personal Experiences

Published 07/06/2023, 10:47 AM EDT

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While talking to Trippie Redd, Mike Tyson veered off to discussing something surreal. The twenty-four-year-old rapper from Canton, Ohio, joined the former Heavyweight champion and Sebastian Joseph Day in one of Hotboxin’s recent episodes. After going through a range of topics, Tyson checked whether the rapper experienced unusual innate human abilities or power, like thinking about someone and sooner or later ending up receiving a call from the same person.

Mike Tyson said, “Do you sometimes think about somebody, and he shows up as f*****g phone rings? You never have that, and that’s part of our power. We don’t know how to work, yet you know no really no s**t before we used to talk to each other that way…. I’ll be a thousand miles away.” Soon fans started joining and sharing their chronicles. While a few tried figuring out the strange happening.   

The untapped potential of humans, according to Mike Tyson


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The following user remains unsure how often it happens. But he contends that the phone invariably rings whenever he thinks of someone. As it turns out, it will be the person he was thinking about! “That happens to me all the time thinking about somebody, and then my phone rings and it’s them, and it happens enough to notice, idk.” He said. The following user also added that the same happens to him constantly. Whenever he dreams about something, it happens. The user said, “Yes, all the time and dream something, then it happens later like the exact same way.

As far back as the following user could remember, he stated, he had ample knowledge about someone, he barely knew. Likewise, he would think about anyone and eventually find them in front. The user theorizes that we use our bodies, brains, and thoughts to transmit and receive signals and information. But mastering this skill is another story. “Since I was a kid, I knew things about people I didn’t know, or think about someone, and then see them. We give off signals and use our bodies and, heads, minds to send and receive messages,but harnassing that ability is another thing.” He said.


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The next two users tried identifying the experiences with abilities. Giovanna Paone equated it with the gut feeling, “That’s intuition.” On the other hand, user Vicky Smith believes it is akin to telepathy, “Telepathy, I believe.

Mike Tyson talking about the mysterious and off-the-wall subject is not new. Many who have read his book, “Undisputed Truth” might remember his efforts to reduce prison time. From visiting the courthouse with a pigeon and an egg, he recounted consulting a voodoo priest beside a hoodoo woman who reportedly specialized in casting spells.


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