Jake Paul, With $80M Net Worth, Receives Unexpected Response After Asking His Mother to Pay $15,700 in Hilarious Shopping Video

Published 02/08/2024, 4:05 AM EST

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When Jake Paul transitioned to boxing from his career as simply a YouTuber, no one would have thought how great this would turn out for him. Since then he has managed to amass a massive amount of wealth. Moreover, he managed to make $42 million just last year from his fight purses. However, Paul is also someone who likes to give back to others.

Interestingly, even though the famous YouTuber is only 27 years old he has amassed an estimated net worth of $80 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Just now, Paul has once again shown his generosity as he took the chance to give back to his team as well. Here’s how much he ended up paying as he went on a shopping expedition.

Jake Paul goes on a shopping spree and makes his mother pay


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As a sneakerhead, Jake Paul doesn’t hold back when it comes to his footwear. In a recent video where he even collaborated with his girlfriend Jutta Leerdam, he visited Yankeekicks in Miami. He revealed that he hadn’t bought a bunch of shoes in a while. As he did so, he even told those accompanying him to get some as well. However, the situation took an interesting turn as the cashier did the billing for the insane amount of shoes he ended up buying.


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It turned out the bill ended up over $15k as Paul heard it, he stated, “That’s fine, I’mma see if my mom can pay it”, he then proceeded to call his mother. He asked her, “Remember how you always used to buy me shoes from footlocker? You think you can buy me some shoes, just for like old times sake?”

Moreover, as she saw the price he simply replied, “Okay… only $15,979?”. ‘The Problem Child’ once again asked, “You could buy it for me?” to which she positively replied, “Yeah!”. Getting the confirmation from his mother Paul ended the call stating that he would use her credit card for the payment. He even jokingly remarked how he expected an over-the-top reaction from his mother and didn’t expect that reaction. As his training for the upcoming match-up continues Paul also finished his side quest of visiting Leerdam. Here’s what to expect from Paul’s upcoming matchup.

Paul vs Ryan Bourland: a Puerto Rico return…

Jake Paul showed off his resilience after bouncing back from a career-first defeat last year. Transitioning smoothly from setbacks, he faces Ryan Bourland on March 2, marking his third bout against a professional boxer. Reflecting on his recent success with the Most Valuable Promotions (MVP) prospect series, Paul cryptically shared, “Check the standings – we still top top.”


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Despite facing another 35-year-old, semi-retired opponent in Bourland, Paul appears unfazed. Recognizing Bourland’s past credentials, a victory for Paul would not only add another accomplishment but also strengthen his standing in the boxing world. Paul once again appears steadfast as he prepares for the upcoming match-up ignoring all the doubters.


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What do you think about the match-up? Are you interested in watching him return to the ring? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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