Mayweather Promotions’ CEO Tells Devin Haney to “Stop It” With Abdul Wahid (Formerly Gervonta Davis) Callouts, Seemingly Says He Won’t Get the Same Deal Ryan Garcia Got

Published 02/01/2024, 6:04 AM EST

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Devin Haney‘s pursuit of a showdown with Gervonta Davis took an interesting turn in December 2023. Haney, boasting an undefeated record, expressed his willingness to accept a deal similar to the one Ryan Garcia secured for his fight against Davis in April. However, there’s a caveat – if Haney remains steadfast on these terms, he might inadvertently price himself out of the matchup.

Moreover, potential weight stipulations, particularly considering Haney’s 165 lb status, could further complicate negotiations. The prospect of a catchweight is on the table, but Haney resisted this idea. Now almost a couple of months later, Mayweather Promotions CEO has responded to the bizarre claim of Devin Haney.

Leonard Ellerbe slams the prospect of the Devin Haney-Gervonta Davis fight


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The Mayweather Promotions CEO, Leonard Ellerbe, apparently had no idea about the claims made by Devin Haney in the past. He seemed shocked after learning about it during his interview with FightHype. Moreover, Ellerbe talked about how this fight wouldn’t be happening soon, mainly because of the weight class difference.


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Ellerbe said, ” Stop it. First off they’re in two different weight classes and I don’t even want to go on and on about that. It’s like just cut the bulls**t, they’re in two different weight classes. Now, I’m not saying it’s not a good fight for people who- whatever you want to think it is. But at the end of the day, if Tank had to, Tank could make 30, okay? Tank could make 30 if he had to. He’s comfortable at 35, okay.” Furthermore, he made it clear that Davis is not going to be dictated on what he should do. Then he stated, “Tank’s going to fight where he’s comfortable at and do what he wants to do.

Moreover, he stated that the fight could’ve happened at the time when they were in the same weight class. However, at that time, Haney was signed with Top Rank, and as per Ellerbe, Bob Arum would never risk a fight where he’s not completely sure about the results turning in the favor of his pugilist. Moreover, Haney’s back-and-forth with Ryan Garcia has started yet agian, and it seems he’d be going with him as the next opponent, rather than waiting for ‘Tank’.

Haney might finally fight Ryan Garcia


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The long-standing rivalry between Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney appears to have been rekindled, as Garcia revealed in an interview with FightHype that discussions for a potential fight with Haney have resumed. This development comes after Garcia initially shifted focus to challenge WBA super lightweight champion Rolly Romero.

He explained recently that he did this after getting influenced by Floyd Mayweather. Garcia revealed, “I’m not gonna lie, Floyd’s pretty influential,” Garcia said. “He’s like, ‘Why would you do that? Why don’t you fight Rolly for the belt and then fight Haney?’ I said, ‘That makes sense, but I told the people already I’m gonna fight Devin.’ He said, ‘Some things change.’ I’m paraphrasing but I made the quick decision, ‘Alright Floyd, that makes sense.’


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However, negotiations with Romero fell through because of Romero’s scheduled fight against Isaac Cruz. This prompted Garcia to reconsider his options. The back-and-forth saga between Garcia and Haney, both in social media exchanges and potential fight talks, will now supposedly begin yet again. What are your thoughts about this? Tell us in the comments section.

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