“Most Committed I Have Ever Been”: Ryan Garcia Leaves a Gruesome Message While Flexing His 140Lbs Physique in a Debatable Clip Ahead of Oscar Duarte Fight

Published 11/11/2023, 10:45 PM EST

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Ryan Garcia is planning a strong comeback against Oscar Duarte on December 2nd. In his opinion, he has to make his fans believe in ‘KingRy’ again following the excruciating loss to Gervonta Davis. Likewise ahead of the bout at 140 lbs, in a bold statement, Garcia not only declared a phoenix’s rise from the ashes but also predicted a painful fate for his opponent Duarte.

In a recent Instagram live, Garcia accompanied by his younger brother Sean, spoke about his mentality. In addition, he detailed how he would treat Durate once they are inside the ring. While Garcia confirmed he was well prepared and happy, he nonetheless left a gruesome message in this debatable clip.

Ryan Garcia announces fans will witness a completely different version of him


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When Garcia stepped inside the ring with ‘Tank’ Davis, the latter exposed ‘KingRy’. In a completely one-sided fight, Gervonta proved that Garcia was neither fast nor accurate enough for an athlete like Davis. As a result, it is now crucial that Garcia wins the bout against Duarte should he wish to remain the talk of the town and maintain a following. In this context, flexing his 140 lbs physique, in the latest video, ‘KingRy’ expressed what he felt about the upcoming fight.


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Things are going great. I’m focused, I’m ready. I’m strong. Most committed I have been in so long. I’m so happy. We’re killing it,” said Garcia casually. Along these lines, he promised his fans that they would witness a very different version of his on December 2nd. “You’re gonna see a whole different Ryan. A much more focused Ryan, a committed Ryan. A Ryan that you’ve only seen post-pandemic,” he added frivolously.

In this context, the 25-year-old, who is becoming a father for the third time, announced that he was preparing “a torture chamber” for Duarte.


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Garcia promises fans a “celebrity death match”

Speaking to his 23-year-old brother, Garcia declared that his bout with Duarte will be “nasty.” According to him, there will be no mercy once he and Duarte have stepped inside the ring. “It’s gonna be nasty. It’s gonna be an explosion of flesh. An explosion of snot. An explosion of blood everywhere. It’s gonna look like a literal crime scene,” declared Garcia in a climactic and gruesome statement.

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Although he immediately apologized for his language, he added, “This [is] gonna be more like a torture chamber. I thought this was a celebrity death match.” Well, with his bad intentions, it seems Garcia is preparing for a war. Anyway, what do you think of his statements? Do you think Duarte will be as easy a fight as Garcia expects him to be? Let us know in the comments below.

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