Oleksandr Usyk Names New-Born Daughter as the Reason Behind His Smile After Hearing Tyson Fury Postponement News

Published 02/06/2024, 1:21 PM EST

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When two of the greatest fighters of the generation are set to fight against each other, everyone has their eyes and ears wide open. The bout between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk was anticipated to be legendary. However, it regrettably got postponed to May 18th. The delay resulted from Fury sustaining a significant cut above his eye during a sparring session.

Fans worldwide were disheartened upon receiving the news. However, the ones likely more disappointed were the fighters themselves. Surprisingly, Usyk was reported to be smiling upon hearing the news. Why? Let’s explore as he responds to that, as well as various other questions in an interview with Boxing King Media.

Oleksandr Usyk puts his trust in God


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When asked about his thoughts upon receiving the bad news, Usyk said through his translator, “I came back home and I thought that I will see my daughter earlier than I expected,” clearly saying that, his daughter was the reason for his smile despite the fight being postponed. Usyk had previously revealed, he had missed his daughter’s birth due to being in camp for the Fury fight. So seeing her before he expected to was a big relief for him.


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He further said, ” You know I trust in God, and whichever way he is leading me is the best way for me,” putting his faith in God. He mentioned how he is not upset and that whatever is written in the future will happen. Usyk’s composure despite his biggest fight being postponed is remarkable. While Usyk might experience some sadness regarding the fight, is there any remorse from the person who caused the cut on Fury? Let’s find out.

Tyson Fury’s sparring partner does not feel bad about giving him a cut


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Fury had to pull out after receiving a very deep cut from Croatian sparring partner Agron Smakici. Smakici on report said that he does not feel bad about what happened. He said, “Unfortunately it looks like bad news because I canceled the biggest fight, but it wasn’t on purpose.” He further explained how his only intention was to throw a punch.

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He explained, “I know I felt the punch, but maybe because he was pulling my head forward it went with the elbow.” According to Smakici, he was trying to move around like Usyk, use his body punches, and incorporate a little wrestling in the spar due to his wrestling background. Despite things being made clear by both the sparring fighters, many fans believe this was a way to intentionally postpone the fight.


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Do you believe all of this was a strategy to postpone the fight? Will Usyk be able to come back even stronger in May? Or will Tyson Fury come out on top? Do let us know your thoughts down below.

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