“There’ll Never Be Another”: 49-YO Retired Prince Naseem Hamed Leaves Fans Jaw-Dropped With Recent Speed Bag Clip

Published 09/27/2023, 3:06 PM EDT

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In 2015, the International Boxing Hall of Fame inducted another fighter who once ruled the boxing realm with great panache. An icon for British boxing through the 1990s, Prince Naseem Hamed’s boxing jolts still echo in the rings he fought. With every lethal jab he took toward his opponents, he etched his name as inspiration for generations to come. The Sheffield-born fighter lost only one fight in his 37-bout career while holding three world titles.

Hamed climbed the featherweight class and made it his. His career soaring high, and boxing becoming an international name, things went downhill in 2006. That year, he was sentenced to 15 months of prison time for dangerous driving. This marked the point where yet another promising fighter would see his career succumb. A few years before the sentencing, the fighter hung his gloves in 2002. Reasons? Not that different from why he was imprisoned. More than 15 years later, the fighter in him was unleashed in a recently released clip.

In Shadows of the Past, Prince Naseem Hamed Impresses Fans Yet Again


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A decade and more in the wake of his boxing career falling quiet, Hamed returned to the boxing gym to awestruck fans. And he continued to enthrall his audience as he once did. In a video that emerged online, the retired British fighter can be seen taking some insanely fast jabs at a speed bag. His ability to do so, years after distancing himself from the ring amused fans. It further reminded them of the era when his name echoed in the list of the most lethal fighters.

A fan immediately jumped in to remember the fighter as the greatest to come out of the United Kingdom. The fan isn’t the only one. BoxRec also listed the Sheffield-born boxer as the sixth-best fighter to ever come out of the United Kingdom.


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Another fan remembered the iconic clash between Hamed and Kevin Kelley. Held on the 19th of December, 1997, the former went home victorious through a scathing fourth-round knockout.

Another fan was perhaps curious about the sudden decline of the fighter in the boxing realm. This sentiment is not unique to this fan. A huge section of his followers remain alien to what actually caused his decline. Most attribute his exit from the sport to the troubles in his personal life rising from his dangerous driving episode.

Another user was quite critical of the former champion. They were not impressed by his speed-bag skills.

Another user rightly expressed that there would be no other boxer in the times to come like Hamed.


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While most fear that his name will eventually disappear from the boxing world, his sons, Adam and Sami, recently entered the combat world. Both of them have entered the pro boxing league in a bid to continue their father’s legacy. We’ll have to wait a while to see if they are able to do what their dear dad once did. Meanwhile, let us know your favorite fights of Prince Naseem Hamed in the comments section below.

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