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Rumor: Ex-Naughty Dog and Santa Monica Developers Working on a Popular IP Inspired AAA Project

September 30, 2023

HBO?s the Last of Us TV Series Will Return in 2025 With a Second Season, It?s Claimed

September 01, 2023

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Rumor: After Delivering Blockbusters In Uncharted and The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Tom Holland And Chris Pratt May Team for A Live-Action Jak and Dexter Film

Rumors suggest another Naughty Dog title is in pre-production for a live-action, most likely to be joined by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt.

Vaibhav Singh Tomar

August 18, 2023

Here’s All You Need to Know About Naughty Dog’s New PS5 Exclusive Title

Anticipation grows for Naughty Dog's new PS5 exclusive single-player game, rumors suggest a sci-fi/fantasy theme with a Black lead.

Nilendu Brahma

August 14, 2023