“Thousands of People in the Waiting Room”: Greedy for $7,800,000 Property Like Yankees Legend, Shaquille O’Neal Kickstarts Texas Madness With Big Event

Published 06/24/2023, 2:30 PM EDT

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Shaquille O’Neal has enjoyed one of the best post-basketball careers. While he’s one of the all-time greats on the court, his post-NBA journey has been just as great. Whether as a business genius, or a commentator, Shaq has won hearts the world over.

However, an understated aspect of his career that is beginning to blossom is his passion for music. Going by the moniker of Diesel, Shaq has even delved into a career as a DJ. After grabbing the attention of the rapper Russ for his recent musical career, Shaq is ready to bring the beats to Texas.

A homecoming of sorts for O’Neal, what has Shaq lined up for the event?


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Shaquille O’Neal kickstarts the ShaqBassAllStars

While Shaquille O’Neal is best known for his stints with the Los Angeles Lakers, the Miami Heat, and the Orlando Magic, there is a different state that he calls home. In an interview, hyping up his bass music festival, Shaq revealed his longtime connection to the state of Texas.

“I am from San Antonio, Texas. But I lived in Houston. I lived in Austin town called Pflugerville City in Texas”, he claimed. And now, Shaq is bringing a whole music festival to Texas. After claiming that he was looking for a property near South Lake, Shaq’s love for the Lone Star State is oozing out.


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And, with the love comes the first announcement of the festival. Using his DJ Diesel Instagram handle, Shaq wasted no time in announcing the commencement of pre-sales for the event. While the sporting world takes its mandatory summer break, Shaq is using his time wisely.


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Hyping up Shaq’s Bass All Stars: Festival, O’Neal shared the official link for the presales and mentioned how popular the event already was. In the caption, he claimed, “Do not wait we already have thousands of people in the waiting room.. see yall in Dallas.” 

While he looks for a Derek Jeter-like estate, Shaq is doing a fine job of hyping up his music career.

Shaq has eyes on an estate


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Derek Jeter has a $12.75 million property in Greenwood, Texas. Shaq, a renowned baseball fan, seems to want to follow in those footsteps. While most stars prefer moving to LA or the coast, Shaq’s hometown bias wins it for him.

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In fact, as he revealed in the interview with Keith Russell, he has a property already singled out. The palace-like estate, near South Lake, is estimated to be around $7.8 million. With Shaq boasting a large family of 6 children, a large space would be ideal for his needs.


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As Shaq’s music career continues to bloom alongside his business ventures, a move to the Lone Star State might come sooner rather than later.

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