“Party on the Vegas Strip”: Shaquille O’Neal Steals Spotlight at Star-Studded Event

Published 11/19/2023, 12:22 AM EST

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Despite an extremely hectic schedule, a party animal like Shaquille O’Neal will always make time for social gatherings. So, even with a burgeoning career, business ventures, and a role on TV, he could make his way over to Vegas for a special evening. With his avid fascination for the F1 circuit, an appearance wasn’t wholly surprising. But, despite a star-studded field, it was the Los Angeles Lakers legend that became the talk of the night.

With him hosting Club SI along with soccer legend David Beckham, it would be a special night for the 4x NBA champion. With his son in line for a performance, the stage was set for a Diesel masterclass.

Shaquille O’Neal adds to the Grand Prix hype


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The No.1 trend on X for a good 6 hours, the F1 Grand Prix always tends to amaze. As a result, the pre-race party has become just as much of an event. With celebrities, performances, and superstars in attendance, the party never disappoints. This year, too, it was Las Vegas taking in the honors.

Even Shaq joined in on the festivities. With everyone’s attention turning towards him, the big man put up a clip of his appearance on Instagram.


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Blessing his 33 million-plus followers with his appearance, his popularity was on full display. As he came into the room, people were lining up for pictures and autographs. However, the Miami Heat legend was in awe of the event.

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@si_experiences @sportsillustrated party on the vegas strip #f1.” As he met up with the guests, it was an exciting as well as proud night for the 51-year-old. With Myles set to showcase his DJ skills at the event, the day was a big one for the O’Neal family.



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However, it wasn’t just a meet-and-greet for the 4x NBA Champion. Throughout the night, many videos made it over to the Internet. Whether it was signing autographs or Shaq backing Lewis Hamilton in the upcoming race, it was an evening to remember. But, that wasn’t all the Hall of Famer got up to.

Sharing the stage with David Beckham, the big man had a special show of one-upmanship with the football legend. All in all, it was Shaquille O’Neal as his usual, candid self. But, with a race coming up, all eyes turn to the racetrack.


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Shaq may have made his pick, but who will win?


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