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Fatal Paragliding Accident Claims Man’s Life in Melbourne, the Same Day of the Water Ski Crash

February 11, 2024

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“Speedrunning to Heaven”: American Professional Speedflyers Dangerous Maneuvers in Narrow Valley Send Spectators Into a Frenzy

American speedrider Carl Weiseth’s recent video as he explores the ranges on his new Rapido 3X (R3X) has left the fans in awe

Shivangi Agrawal

January 04, 2024

Carl Weiseth, source_ Instagram

VIDEO: Aerial Stunt with an Epic Fusion Astounds Fans as Cycling Takes Flight in Paragliding Marvel

Experience the bizarre fusion of cycling and paragliding in this viral video. The daring adventure left all the Twitter fans in awe.

Disita Sikdar

November 11, 2023