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Meet the Real ‘Man in the Boat’ That Inspired George Clooney to Honor the 1936 Olympic Team With a Movie

December 28, 2023
Japanese Government And IOC Agree To Postpone Olympic Games

Barack Obama?s Personal Chef Suffers a Tragic End to His Life During Paddle-boarding

August 10, 2023

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Olympics Gold Medal Winner Recounts Terrifying Survival Story After an Attack By?a?Killer?Whale

Tafari Campbell, who was a personal chef to the Obama family, lost his life during a paddleboarding incident

Allen James

July 10, 2023


VIDEO: Final Race Almost Proves Fatal as Boat Does a 360 Degree Flip in the 2023 Madison Regatta

The final heat of the 2023 Madison Regatta U-40 boat race in Indiana takes a grave turn as boat flips at the top speed of 200mph.

Allen James

July 04, 2023

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