CM Punk Reportedly Tried to Choke Jack Perry Before Threatening to “Quit” AEW During Recent Brawl at All In – “Monitors Were Knocked Down”

Published 09/01/2023, 12:30 PM EDT

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CM Punk has become a magnet for controversy. After the infamous 2022 All Out post-show incident, AEW launched its third brand, Collision, in hopes of keeping a returning Punk away from those he despises. However, that did not help. In fact, in a pretty shocking turn of events at All In, CM Punk got involved in another scuffle. 

And now, days after the incident, reports indicate that Punk was the primary aggressor. The report also states that Punk went so far as to threaten to quit the company after wreaking havoc. 

CM Punk seemingly sucker-punched Jack Perry before threatening to quit AEW


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AEW All In at Wembley was nothing short of an extravaganza. The show was jam-packed with high-octane matches. One of the most talked-about matches was CM Punk vs. Samoa Joe. However, before the action took place in the ring, CM Punk got warmed up backstage, involving himself in an ugly altercation with Jack Perry. 


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Perry, who took a subtle dig at Punk during the pre-show, egged Punk on to start the fight. In his match against Hook earlier, Perry did a car spot and said, “It’s real glass; cry me a river” to the camera. This was, of course, a shot at Punk, who was against the use of real glass. Little did the “Jungle Boy” know that Punk was itching for a fight backstage.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, CM Punk sucker punched Jack Perry and then yelled, “I quit”, per an eyewitness. The report states, “Punk sucker punched him and went for a choke. People immediately broke it up, and Tony Khan was yelling at Punk to let him go. Once they were separated, Punk lunged in Khan’s direction, but a number of people got in his way while Punk was yelling, “I Quit.” Monitors were knocked down during all this.”

After the show ended, Tony Khan subtly mentioned the situation during the media gathering, indicating that they were looking into it and conducting an investigation. Not long after, it was reported that both Punk and Perry had been suspended indefinitely. 

Shifting focus, while most people are convinced that CM Punk has become an albatross around Tony Khan’s neck, he recently won a prestigious wrestling award. 

CM Punk received the esteemed Iron Mike Mazurki Award days after his reported suspension


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The AEW ‘Real’ World Champion was bestowed with a significant award by The Cauliflower Alley Club for his excellence in the wrestling business on August 30. The event took place in Las Vegas. The Iron Mike Mazurki Award signifies greatness in the wrestling business. 

Despite being shrouded in another controversy, CM Punk’s contribution to the wrestling industry cannot be impugned. Nonetheless, we will have to wait and see what lies ahead for CM Punk and AEW.


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