Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Sasha Banks’ Possible WWE Return at Royal Rumble

Published 01/25/2024, 9:26 AM EST

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The name Sasha Banks instantly leads to fond memories among the entire WWE Universe. Building her career off her charismatic ‘Boss’ character, Banks aka Mercedes Varnado saw 10 stellar years of making history in WWE before moving to NJPW. But, there’s a solid chance that fans will see Varnado take up the ring name of Sasha Banks once again.

The WWE Royal Rumble has always acted as a springboard for launching new wrestlers and making older ones return to the company. In fact, Sasha Banks has used the Rumble to make a comeback multiple times after small hiatuses from WWE. Here is all the info you’ll need before you witness the potential Rumble return of The Boss.

The Sasha Banks contract history timeline


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Lately, the pro wrestling scene has become a huge rumor central mill owing to both fans as well as the companies. Despite several rumors regarding several superstars making rounds on social media, the strongest ones belong to Sasha Banks. In August 2023, several sources said that Sasha Banks may sign a contract with Tony Khan’s AEW.


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But, by the time December came, news arrived that The Boss and AEW didn’t agree on several terms. Sasha Banks had a word with WWE in the same month, but December 29 saw both parties dissolving everything amicably. At the same time, NJPW confirmed that Mone will not be a part of Battle in the Valley 2024.

Her absence from the event further reiterated that she is definitely going to make a switch. While AEW did maintain constant communication with Sasha Banks, WWE had almost given up on her entirely after December 29. In fact, her chances of coming back, especially via the Royal Rumble looked vanishingly slim. 

At the same time, many sources splurged that Sasha Bank had almost signed an AEW contract. But, nothing of the sort was confirmed by either AEW or Varnado’s team. But, some recent WWE developments suggest that The Boss could also make a return to her fans at WWE.

So which company should the Boss make her home?

The WWE Universe has been going crazy with several speculations pointing towards her move to the AEW, and many hinting at a WWE return. Many fans believe that Sasha Banks will get a higher paycheck at AEW and can thus side with Tony Khan 

Speaking on this, however, WWE’s Eric Bischoff said, “Could she make more money with Tony? Yes. But… look at any other former ‘WWE Star’ that is better off today than they were at the peak of their careers in WWE.” While many may see this as Bischoff’s loyalty, his words do carry a lot of weight.

Citing a more positive hint, Bayley recently said that she still has a Sasha Banks match in the bank shortly. She said, “We’ll always be destined for one more match. Our next match will never be our last. We’re ‘The Brooklyn Girls’. We’re going to live on forever because of that match, and it’s something we can carry on forever.” Considering that Bayley will remain at WWE, a potential match between the two can only mean that Banks will return.

WWE Drops Subtle Hint at Sasha Banks’ Return Akin to Their Hint at CM Punk’s Major Return Last Year

The Damage CTRL star’s words even suggested that she may fight her best friend/nemesis at WrestleMania 40. While Bayley and Bischoff want Sasha Banks want a return to WWE, the internet algorithm also seems to be hinting at a WWE comeback for Banks. 

Will the entrance theme connection work a second time?

The WWE have made the surprising move of making her first entrance theme, ‘Sky’s the Limit’ available on Spotify. This is surprising given that WWE normally doesn’t do this for talent outside of the company. Perhaps this is hinted at progress in contractual discussions? Interestingly, Sasha Banks also played an entrance song trick on social media.

The Boss posted a clip on Instagram carrying her NJPW entrance theme. Many would say that this solidifies her stay in the Japan-based promotion. But, the fact that Punk’s current theme isn’t ‘This Fire Burns’ either, but ‘Cult of Personality’ instead.


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Sasha Banks walked out of WWE after her final match on 16th May 2022 after some disagreements regarding her creative. Although many fans expected her to make a comeback soon, they didn’t get to see Banks at any company for almost eight months. Then, Banks resurrected her career as Mercedes Mone on 7th January 2023 at New Japan Pro Wrestling.

This pleased the section of her fans who wanted to see her wrestle in Japan. But, many still wanted Mone to become Sasha Banks once again. The details of her NJPW contract are relatively unknown, but we do have the news that she hasn’t signed a contract extension with NJPW and is currently a free agent. To top it all off Banks even gave a reply to tease a move to WWE.


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Interestingly, Mone has said that she can see herself residing permanently in Japan. But, nothing is ever permanent in the world of pro wrestling. A change in WWE management is also something that can attract Mone to return to her fans in WWE. Will The Boss return at the Royal Rumble? Let your views flow in the comment section below. 


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