Rumor Killer on Roman Reigns vs. Dwayne Johnson at WWE Elimination Chamber 2024

Published 01/12/2024, 10:02 AM EST

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Wrestling fans are pumped for the highly anticipated 2024 Elimination Chamber at Optus Stadium in Burswood, Perth, Western Australia. While this event promises to be massive, there’s one rumored match that might not make it to the lineup on February 24, 2024.

Speculation has been buzzing about Australia’s efforts to bring Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock back for a wrestling match at Elimination Chamber. Recently, fueled by his unexpected Day 1 appearance, catching everyone off guard, including Cody Rhodes. However, recent developments bring a surprising twist to the rumor mill concerning the Roman Reigns vs. The Rock at WWE Elimination Chamber 2024.

Is Roman Reigns vs Dwayne Johnson not on the cards?

Meltzer debunks the rumor in the latest scoop from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the buzz about The Rock squaring off against Roman Reigns in Australia for the Elimination Chamber. Dave Meltzer said, “Regarding the Reigns vs. Rock match, while I presume it’s WrestleMania (and could possibly be a three-way with Rhodes but I don’t think that will come out until many weeks from now), what we did have confirmed is the Australia rumors aren’t accurate. Reigns is not even scheduled for the show. He’s never been advertised, and there are no plans for him for that date right now.” Contrary to rumors, The Rock’s involvement in that event is not in the cards as it’s unsure whether his opponent will even be present at the show.

Cody Rhodes had plans to wrap up his storyline with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40. But when The Rock throws his hat in the ring, it’s not going to be as straightforward. The anticipation is building, and The Rock’s potential return to WWE could shake up the wrestling world. WrestleMania is always full of surprises. But one thing’s for sure – the Elimination Chamber won’t host this epic showdown.


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