12 Minutes: How To Trigger Different Endings and Obtain Rare Achievements

Published 08/22/2021, 11:46 AM EDT

12 Minutes is a unique, complicated game that offers gamers an experience unlike any other. 12 minutes puts players in the shoes of a man who’s stuck in a time loop. The time loop aspect of the game is necessary for progression, as without it, obtaining new information would be impossible. There are also a few different, rare achievements and endings that players can unlock/trigger.


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The game has a lot of endings, out of which 3 come with a credit scene. Here’s how you get them.


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12 Minutes: endings that come with a credit scene


For this ending, players will need to find out as much about their relationship as they can. The policeman and the polaroid are just two sources of information.

When the time loop starts, head inside the bathroom and lock the door. But don’t do that before your wife is out of there. Once inside, go ahead and grab the pocket watch. Look at it the watch till you find yourself with the father. Once with him, choose this dialogue option that says “Maybe it’s better we’re not together” to trigger this ending.

Blissful ignorance

Once the loop has restarted, go into the bathroom like last time, and stare at the clock. Caution: for this ending, it’s necessary to have talked to your wife regarding the book she’s reading. You’ll need the quote she gives you. Now, staring at the clock will take you to the father. Once there, you’ll find the familiar-looking red book your wife was reading. Click on that when the initial exchange between you and the father is awaiting your response.

Clicking the book will make the father talk for a while. Don’t press anything during the time he’s talking, and let things commence on their own, and soon, you’ll be looking at the credit scene.


Timing and patience are very important for this one. Just like in blissful ignorance, go into the bathroom once your wife is out and stare at the clock. And for this too, you’ll have to have spoken to your wife about the book she reads a couple of times till you get the quote. Let the interaction with the father commence. Wait till you’re prompted for a response, and when you are, click on the book. And after clicking on the book, click on the clock.

The main objective here is to let the clock strike 12. The father will start a new dialogue if you did everything right. This dialogue will pave the way for the credit scene.

Each of these endings will get you an achievement.

Now that the endings with credit scenes have been covered, let’s take a look at how you can unlock some of the rarer achievements in the game.

12 Minutes: rare achievements/endings that don’t come with credit scenes


For this ending/achievement, players will need to do the least amount of work. Right at the beginning of the game, in the first loop, when you the apartment, don’t press anything and just put the controller down. Your wife will hint at some events but not fully express them and soon you’ll obtain the Listen achievement.


Ensuring the cop gets electrocuted and is rendered unconscious is essential for progress. But getting the cop unconscious is also necessary for this achievement. When the cop is unconscious, handcuff him using his zip ties. The cop is going to get his sense back soon. And when he does, tell the officer of the law you’re innocent. He will state that he can help. Just cooperate with him and do as he says.

Give him the watch and wait for him to shoot your wife. Once he has done that, he will require a phone. Give him the phone and do as he says to unlock this achievement.


The prerequisites for this achievement are you have to have extracted all the information from all sources, i.e. your wife, the polaroid, and the cop. Once you have all the information you need, call Bumblebee and tell her your wife is innocent. Once this is done, talk to your wife about her past, admit to killing her father. Tell her you’ll confess to your crime.

After talking to your wife, get a hold of the watch. Wait for the police officer to arrive, confess to your crime, and claim responsibility for the death of your wife’s father. Talk to the cop about the watch, and let him leave the apartment with it. When your wife asks you to leave, go to the door. And with that, you’ve obtained the Confessed achievement.

Groundhog Day


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Get the phone from the closet, then call Bumblebee. When she’s on the line, tell her that her father wants the watch to cure her illness. This will prevent the cop from coming to your door.

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Talk to your wife next, and when the topic of dessert comes up, tell her you’d love to have it and that it’s time for dessert. A while later, you’ll be having dinner with your wife once the table is set up. She’ll offer you a gift: baby clothes. Let her know how you feel about the gift and say nice things. Then, when your wife expresses a willingness to dance, say “with pleasure” and dance with her. The only things left to do to get this achievement is telling her that you love her and taking her to bed.


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These are some of the rare achievements in 12 Minutes. With all this information, players will be able to get endings that end with credit scenes as well as unlock these rare achievements.


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