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Soumyadyuti Ghosh

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An eSports writer at EssentiallySports, Soumyadyuti Ghosh is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Business Management. Before becoming an eSports writer for EssentiallySports, he worked as a freelance content writer, editor, and proofreader and primarily worked on projects revolving around insurance, travel, and gadgets. An unquenchable thirst to learn about all things eSports, a rather unhealthy obsession with playing video games, and an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the gaming industry make him a video game aficionado. He still fondly remembers his first game, which would pave the way for thousands more, released way back in 2001 by Bungie. The name of the game was Ao Oni and it bore a significant resemblance to the anime movie Ghost in the Shell. More recently, Soumyadyuti has found himself enjoying various titles like Call of Duty Mobile, Doom, Counter-Strike, and PUBG. His hobbies include playing the guitar and reading.