Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War: How to Unlock Klaus and Complete the Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg

Published 07/19/2021, 9:56 AM EDT

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War recently made Mauer Der Toten available, and players are as excited as ever. It features engaging zombie-based combat as well as a meticulously designed Easter Egg that might take a while to complete.


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Players will need to upgrade Klaus, access special locations, and beat powerful bosses. But before you can do any of that, you will need to unlock Klaus. To do that, you’ll need to find three parts. And that’s just the beginning. To help you get complete the Easter Egg, below is the perfect video.


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Unlocking Klaus in Black Ops Cold War

The first part is the Microwave Dish that can be found near the Pack-A-Punch machine. The player has to enter the area with large towers and dig away at the debris piles. Inside one of the debris piles will be the Dish.

The second part you’ll need is Klaus’ hands. They can be found at the Garment Factory. You will need to go through a blue door and search for a door blocked by 2x4s. You will need to have the Brain Rot zombie break the door down. And inside, you’ll find Klaus’ hands.

The third part is a battery that Kransy Solidat will drop when killed. The player has to get to round 10 for this one. Now you can go fix Klaus and, in the process, unlock him.

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Get wonder weapon and access secret lab

In order to fully complete, you’ll need to do a lot of things. For starters, in the Switch Control Room, there is a locker marked with an “O”, and you’ll need to get Klaus to open the locker. Opening the locker will give you access to the black light.

Next, you’ll need to use the black light to find three different sets of numbers. These numbers will be used to open a safe. The locations for these numbers are the Garment Factory (1st), the Service Passage (2nd), and the Grocery Store (3rd). The numbers will be on the wall, and you’ll need to make sure your UV light or black light is on. Check the walls for the numbers; the numbers will glow bright green.

Once you have acquired all three sets of numbers, go back to the room where got Klaus’ hands. In the corner, there will be a safe. Open the safe using the numbers you got, and you’ll get CRBR-S, the wonder weapon. Keep killing the undead, and you’ll get a mod for the wonder weapon called the Blazer Mod Kit.

Upon acquiring the mod, head to Sewer Access. There, next to some pipes, will be a wall. Call in Klaus to break down the wall, revealing another wall. The second wall can be melted with the CRBR-S equipped with the Blazer Mod Kit. And now you’ve gained access to the secret lab.

When inside, you’ll notice an area in the middle and on the side protected by a red energy shield or dome. Just finish the current round and they will disappear, revealing three empty canisters and a computer. Pick up all three canisters, and shoot at the computer to get the Endstation Lures.

Fill canisters

Next, you will need to scour the map in search of three Essence Harvesters. When you find one, place the empty canister in the harvester. Then throw an Endstation Lure nearby, and a Tempest will present itself (there can be more than one). Kill the Tempest(s), you’ll see the essence of these unique beings go into the canister. Once the canister is full, go back to the lab, and place the filled canister in the Conversion Unit. Then get another Endstation Lure and repeat the process two more times.

The canisters will also glow green to help you identify them.


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Upgrade Klaus in Black Ops Cold War

To upgrade Klaus, he will need to get enough kills. And when he has killed the required amount of zombies, the light on the screen attached to the upgrade station will turn green. This means Klaus is ready to be upgraded. Point Klaus towards the upgrade station in Garment Factory and he will be upgraded. The process will take 60 seconds, during which you will have to defend him.

Stop Train

Go to the Switch Control Room and get Klaus on the train tracks. Klaus will say something along the lines of how easy it would be to stop a train. If he doesn’t say that, it means he hasn’t been upgraded. Once Klaus has expressed willingness to stop a trail, go into the room in the switch, and you’ll find a lever. Turning it will make a train come speeding towards Klaus, who will stop it.

Get on the train and pick up the ID card and the bomb. Once the bomb has been obtained, go back to the secret lab and place it in the middle of the canisters on the Conversion Unit.

Activate satellite by crafting Hacking Helm

For this part, you’ll need to go to the Safe House. Inside is a computer that will grant you limited access when you use the ID card that you acquired earlier. For full access, and to activate the satellite, you’ll need parts to craft Klaus’ Hacking Helm.

The first part can be found in the Apartment Rooftop area. Get on the roof, shoot down the tower using the wonder weapon, and it’ll drop an antenna. Then go to the Electronics Store and shoot any radio you come across till one drops the transistor. This is the second item. And the last item, electronic boards, can be found in the Ghost Station.

Once you have all three parts, go to the safe house and craft the Hacking Helm. Then direct Klaus towards the computer. The computer will now grant you full access and you’ll be able to activate the satellite. Unfortunately, you’ll need to activate the satellite using another computer. You can use the computer in West Berlin Street or the one in Military Tent.

The bit with the uranium

The moment you use the second computer to activate the satellite, you’ll be faced with a bunch of heavy enemies. Take them out, including the Megaton. Once the enemies have been dealt with, look for two uranium rocks where you killed them, pick those up and head on over to the workstation or workbench. A timer will also be shown up on your screen, indicating you have 5 mins.

Craft a uranium device and get on the roof of the Korber Rooftop. Walk over to the zipline and place the uranium device when prompted. Hasten to the workstation again, craft another uranium device using the second workbench, and make your way to the roof of the building directly opposite the first building. You’ll find a similar zip line. Interact with the zip line as last time, and watch the two devices collide and make a new radioactive material.


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Take the radioactive material and go back to the secret lab, and place the cleansed uranium where the bomb and canisters are. Progressing to the next round will present similar heavy enemies as last time, take them out, get two uranium rocks, and repeat the process. When the second cleansed uranium is placed on the podium, the final Black Ops Cold War Mauer Der Toten boss fight will be afoot.

Valentina boss fight and finishing the Black Ops Cold War Easter Egg

The boss fight isn’t anything to write home about. It happens in phrases. There’ll be some teleporting, some new attacks, and consumption of enemies, which will increase Valentina’s health. Keep shooting at her take her down, and press the interact button near her body. Klaus will pick up everything you put on the Conversion Unit, and begin his walk towards the portal. Protect Klaus till he gets to the portal from the zombies and the final cutscene will be triggered.


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And with that, you’ll have completed the main quest of Black Ops Cold War Mauer Der Toten.


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