Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7: 20 of the Most Tryhard Skins in the Game Right now

Published 06/30/2021, 3:25 PM EDT

Fortnite has some of the most dedicated players in the world. These players spend astonishingly long hours playing the game and are called sweats. They usually have a lot of items in their lockers, and their grasp of the mechanics of the game is pretty strong. These players also like to equip tryhard skins combos. These skins are a symbol of the hours a player has dedicated to the game as well as a measure of their skill.


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The game has plenty of tryhard skins players can choose to equip. But some of these skins help create a more impactful impression than others.

20 best tryhard skins in the game


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Isabelle + Leviathan Axe +

One of the coolest looking skins ever to come to the game, Isabelle was released earlier this year and is part of the Oakwitch Academy Set. The outfit has two different styles, and the Leviathan ax goes perfectly with either. This tryhard skin can be purchased for 2,500 V-Bucks.

Surf Witch + Machonnes Katana

A recognizable skin, the Surf Witch’s edgy punk look combined with the Katana makes for the perfect sweat skin. Ever since its release last year, Surf Witch has remained a favorite among sweats.

Mogul Master + Driver Pickaxe + Rainbow Clover

The colorful Mogul Master with the Driver Pickaxe and the Rainbow Clover is one of the most popular tryhard skins in the game. The combo costs over 3,000 V-Bucks, but for three tryhard items, it’s worth it.

Travis Scott + Studded Pickaxe

One of the most famous rappers in the world, Travis Scott, also happens to one of the most sought-after tryhard skins. The outfit can be combined with quite a few Harvester Tools for a good look, but the Studded Pickaxe seems to be the most popular choice.

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Zaide + Frostbite Cane + Frozen Shield

A skin that doesn’t appear in matches as often as it should, the Zaide outfit and Frostbite Cane go hand in hand with each other. The combination promotes an all-white look, and the Frozen Shield back bling enhances it.

Dark Bomber + Fret Basher

If you like dark skins, you’re going to love this one. The Dark Bomber outfit is primarily black with some pink, purple, and red thrown in. The combination of the Dark Bomber and the Fret Basher make for one of the sweatiest tryhard skins in the game.

Armored Batman

Even though Fortnite has quite a few superhero skins, there’s something special about this one. Batman is one of the most popular superheroes in the world, and this skin makes the gothic vigilante look as good as possible.

Scarlett Commander + IO Eradicator + Deadpool’s Katanas

The Scarlett Commander skin boasts a ninja-like look, and the IO Eradicator is the best pickaxe to use with the outfit. Players can also choose to equip the Deadpool’s Katanas back bling to further increase the appeal.

Manik + Vision + Cactus Jack

An uncommon outfit from the Onibi Set, Manik features a great war-friendly look, and the Vision pickaxe and the Cactus Jack back bling match perfectly. The entire combo can be bought for a little over 3000 V-Bucks.

Double Agent Wildcard + Gold Crowbar

The stunning skin filled with gold and white, Double Agent Wildcard features one of the slickest looks in the game. And the black and gold harvester tool fits the skin the best.

Focus + Star Wand

Both these rare items can be bought for 2,000 V-Bucks. Since Focus with the Star Wand is such a popular Tryhard skin currently, if this combo is in the store, players should definitely buy it.

Dynamo + Candy Axe + Rainbow Clover

The Candy Axe is the perfect harvester tool for Dynamo because both items contain similar colors for an added effect. Even though the outfit and the ax are sweaty enough, the Rainbow Clover may add to the vibrancy of the skin.

Rick + Hammerhead Morty

Recent additions to the game, Rick and Hammerhead Morty have become popular tryhard skins in a very short amount of time. A Rick is never fully complete without a Morty, and that is the driving force behind this tryhard skin.

Dizzie Domain + Harley Hitter

The Dizzie Domain outfit uses black, a dark shade of orange, and white to create an outfit that looks pleasing to the eyes. And the Harley Hitter harvesting tool goes best with it.

Dummy + Combat Knife

There’s no better way of letting others know you’re a sweat than using the Dummy. The nearly garish yellow outfit makes it clear that the player behind the skin shouldn’t be underestimated. The Combat Knife is a simple and visually effective addition to it.

The Rebirth Harley Quinn + Harley Hitter

It’s no surprise that this skin made this list. An improvement on the original Harley Quinn, the Rebirth Harley Quinn just looks so much better. And the Harley Hitter is what suits the outfit the best.

Sunny + Harley Hitter + Rainbow Clover

Another outfit that bears a similar look as Rebirth Harley Quinn and Dizzie Domain, Sunny is a Battle Pass skin. As these three look similar, they all benefit appearance-wise from the Harley Hitter. Top the look off with the Rainbow Cover, and you’re good to go.

Aura +  Ice breaker  + Sun Sprout 

A Fortnite tryhard skin whose popularity just doesn’t seem to diminish, Aura with the Ice Breaker harvester tool is one of the best tryhard combinations. On top of that, players who want to increase their tryhard-ness can equip the Sun Sprout as well.

Superhero Skins + Star Wand

The Superhero Skins offer great customizability and look great. These skins are some of the best the game has to offer and sweats know that. The Star Wand is an obvious choice here as the harvester tool just goes so well with these skins.


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This skin came out last year and is still regarded as one of the best skins in the entire game. Regular players love it, and sweats love it even more. The Frostbite Cane is expected to be a good match for the skin, even though it hardly needs one.


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These are some of the best tryhard skins in Fortnite. If you consider yourself a sweat, you need these skins in your locker.


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