Halo: Infinite: Latest Screenshots Reveal Interesting About Upcoming Multiplayer Maps

Published 06/17/2021, 11:29 AM EDT

Halo Infinite Multiplayer gets more attention as Microsoft continues to release more and more information about it. Recent posts have revealed what some multiplayer maps will look like as well as other content.


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The recent announcement of Halo Infinite coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series consoles, and PC, has left fans of the franchise wanting more. And Microsoft seems to have realized that is hyping up their coming release.

Halo: Infinite multiplayer maps


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The first map is called Behemoth. It is a ring that players will get to settle their differences in. The picture associated with the map shows a Spartan sitting in a vehicle called the Ghost, engaged in vehicular combat, while another Spartan seems to be caught in the middle.

Live Fire 

Not a lot is known about this map. But judging from the picture, it seems like the Live Fire map will be perfect close-quarter combat. How big this map will be, and whether it will suit long-range playstyles, remains to be seen.


At first glance, Recharge looks like the kind of map that comprises spacious hallways and suits multiple playstyles. The caption right above the picture reads, “Resource infrastructure facilities such as those run by Axys’ hydroelectric division help maintain stable energy grids for colony worlds throughout the UEG.”

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The Bazaar seems to be a building complex with intricate pathways. Speculations suggest this map will enable fast-paced combat and require quick movement.


In Fragmentation, players might find themselves in an open space that facilitates long-range combat. The picture shows a landscape filled with trees and rocks surrounded by huge mountains.

More multiplayer info

Along with the aforementioned 5 maps, Microsoft has also revealed additional information regarding Halo: Infinite multiplayer.


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Two of the vehicles revealed are the Razorback, and the attack flyers the Banshee. The Razorback is an armored ground vehicle offering mobility with protection. And the Banshee, on the other hand, is a vehicle the player can fly and use on the offensive as well.

New guns will also make their way to the game as well as customizable suits. Fans will learn more about the game as time goes on.

Microsoft’s new Halo: Infinite will release later this year.


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