Preparing for Battlefield 2042 in Battlefield 4? Follow These Tips To Dominate From Day 1

Published 07/11/2021, 4:55 PM EDT

Battlefield 2042 will come out soon. And going into a new release with zero knowledge of the game and no preparation is not ideal. This is especially true for competitive titles.


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Players who dedicate themselves to learning about a game prior to its release, and to training themselves by indulging in similar titles, have a higher chance of getting ahead of other players when the title finally comes out.

The first few weeks following a game’s release are crucial, and if a player can make their mark during that time, there’s a good chance they’ll do very well going forward.


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Battlefield 2042 will introduce a lot of new things, but, on a fundamental level, the game will bear similarities with previous Battlefield titles.

This means that players can start practicing for the game ahead of its release. And it can be confusing, knowing where to start, which is why there are tutorials on YouTube to help players with that.

To emphasize and reiterate the steps mentioned in the video, here are some tips you can follow if you want to get good at Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042: steps to follow to get better at the game by playing BF4

Step 1: rely on the minimap

Whether it is Call of Duty or Battlefield, relying on the minimap for enemy locations and activity is imperative. Battlefield 4 will provide players with the option to increase the size of the minimap. Increasing the size of the map will make it easier to spot enemies and develop strategies to take them down. Sometimes the player will get shot, and the shooter will be out of sight. Here, the minimap can be utilized to locate the enemy.

There’s one more thing to take into account. Suppressors will eliminate the noise from shooting and, in the process, hide players from appearing on the minimap.

Step 2: get better accuracy when using automatic guns by firing in short bursts

Automatic guns are perfect for most types of gunfights, but they also have some recoil. In close-mid range combat, the recoil might be easy to ignore as you keep riddling your enemy with bullets, but that changes with long-range combat.

In long-range combat, bullets do less damage, and recoil control becomes a huge priority. Since you need to deal more damage, you’ll instinctively hold down the fire button. And anyone who’s played Call of Duty or Battlefield knows that the longer you hold down the fire button, the worse the recoil gets. The first few rounds will be fine, and then it’ll get worse. So to keep matters under control, players can burst fire. Firing a few rounds with each click ensures lower recoil and greater accuracy.

Step 3: stop and shoot

Moving while shooting is essential to avoid being shot down, but it has a downside. In Battlefield 4, if a player is scoped in and tries to go in for a headshot, there’s a good chance they’d fail. This is because Battlefield decreases your accuracy when you move while shooting. So, in order to remain accurate, players will have to stop and shoot.

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Step 4: hip-fire for close-range combat

Close-range combat requires you to be fast and accurate. Luckily, in Battlefield, both primary and secondary weapons have very good hip-fire accuracy. That means in close-quarters combat, you can just pull out your sidearm and go for headshots with minimal difficulty. Primary weapons can be used the same way. That said, be careful not to use hip-fire for mid or long-range combat.


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Step 5: Positioning is important Battlefield

Battlefield has this thing called suppression. This means that sometimes when you’re firing at a nearby enemy, there’s a chance you might miss your shots. When this happens, it’s better to acquire a new position and fire at the enemy from a different angle. Furthermore, Battlefield doesn’t allow for the kind of movement Call of Duty does. Battlefield is just less movement-dependent. This is another reason why it is a good idea to always have a good position.

Battlefield 2042 will come out in October, and there’s still a couple of months till the release. Players need to make good use of this time and prepare for the game. And Battlefield 4 offers the perfect way to do that.


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