Warzone: Best Loadouts in the Game Following Recent Patch; Is the MG82/XM4 Combo Broken?

Published 06/21/2021, 1:19 PM EDT

Players of Call of Duty Warzone will be familiar with the concept of building loadouts according to range and style of play. Some players, especially those new to the game, might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of attachments that they can add to their weapons. The new season brings new guns to the game, and recent patches saw certain guns like CR 56 AMAX get nerfed and other guns like the Golf assault rifle get buffed.


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Players have been experimenting with all the guns in the game post-patch, and it seems like certain loadouts are far better than others.

Best loadouts in Warzone


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Overall the best loadout

This loadout will feature the broken combination of the MG82 and the XM4. The MG82 must be equipped with the Agency Suppressor, the 18.4″ Task Force, the Axial Arms 3x, Fast Mag, and the Airborne Plastic Wrap.

The XM4 will keep the Agency Suppressor and the Airborne Plastic Wrap. The Tiger Team Spotlight, 45Rnd, and the Raider Pad are the best picks for this weapon.

Sniper-support build with Fara

A build that favors those who like to take fights from a distance, this long-range loadout is perfect for newcomers as well as advanced players. The Heartbeat Sensor should be equipped as a tactical device. And players can choose any lethal device they feel like. That said, Warzone pros recommend that players choose Semtex.

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The Suppressor, the “7 Spetsnaz RPK Barrel, the KGB Skeletal Stock, and the GRU Plastic Wrap. These are the attachments players should use with the Spetsnaz 60 RND ammunition type for best results. And the secondary weapon should be the Kar98k.

Mid-Long range build with Stoner

In this loadout, the Stoner will be the primary weapon, and the LC10 will be the secondary weapon. Agency Suppressor, 21.8″ Task Force, Axial Arms 3x, Fast Magand, and the Airborne Elastic Wrap. With these attachments, the Stoner is nearly unbeatable at long range. LC10 will also come in handy during close-quarters combat and during reload animations.

Best mid-long range Fara Build


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Another Fara-build with a few tweaks, this loadout enhances Fara’s long-range abilities. And this time the secondary weapon will be the CW MP5. This time the muzzle and barrel will be GRU Suppressor and the 18.7″ Spetsnaz RPK Bar. The optic will be Axial Arms 3x, the ammunition Spetsnaz 60 RND, and the rear grip will be the GRU Elastic Wrap.

The MP5 will have the Stagnag 50 Rnd Drum, Tiger Team Spotlight, Agency Suppressor, Raider Stock, and the Bruiser Grip.

These are currently some of the best loadouts in Call of Duty Warzone. And players should try these loadouts for themselves to see what suits them best.


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