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After Poaching Engineers & ‘Imitating’ the Philosophy, Lawrence Stroll & Co. Set Sights on Red Bull’s Biggest Strength to Launch an Attack

Published 05/31/2023, 11:29 AM EDT

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Helmut Marko’s comment on the “three Red Bulls on the podium” serves as a testament to Aston Martin’s impressive performance in the 2023 Formula 1 season. With their ambitious aerodynamic targets met, Aston Martin has emerged as a formidable challenger. As Lawrence Stroll and his team set their sights on Red Bull’s biggest strength, the question arises: Will Lawrence Stroll and his team leverage Red Bull’s biggest strength to launch a relentless attack, reshaping the Formula 1 landscape? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: Aston Martin’s ambition knows no bounds, and their quest for glory has never been more tantalizing.

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In a bold move to challenge the dominance of Red Bull Racing, Lawrence Stroll and his team at Aston Martin have made significant strides in emulating their rival’s engineering prowess. With former Red Bull head of aerodynamics, Dan Fallows, now serving as Aston Martin’s technical director, the team unveiled the AMR23, a car that bears a striking resemblance to Red Bull’s successful design from the previous season. As the 2023 Formula 1 season unfolds, Aston Martin’s performance has not only caught the attention of enthusiasts but has also prompted Red Bull to take notice.


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During the Monaco Grand Prix, a significant turning point occurred when Sergio Perez’s Red Bull crashed and was lifted by a crane. As the car was hoisted, the bottom of the RB19 was briefly exposed, providing Aston Martin’s engineers with an invaluable opportunity to gain further insights into Red Bull’s design philosophy. Tom McCullough, Aston Martin’s Performance Director, revealed that their photographers had taken meticulous images of the exposed floor, and they were already analyzing the data. “We have extracted a lot of very useful information,” McCullough stated, hinting at the potential for Aston Martin to enhance their design closely mirroring Red Bull’s formidable engineering expertise.

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With the Monaco incident providing Aston Martin with additional insights into Red Bull’s design secrets, the stage is set for the team to make further strides in their quest to challenge Red Bull’s dominance. Armed with a car that already bears striking similarities to its rival, Aston Martin aims to capitalize on this newfound knowledge to bridge the gap and solidify its position among the Formula 1 elite.

Aston Martin to Take on Another Red Bull Ally


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Red Bull Racing has consistently been revered for its aerodynamic prowess, with their cars boasting cutting-edge designs that have secured numerous victories over the years. However, Aston Martin’s ambition to challenge Red Bull extends beyond just emulating their aerodynamics. In a surprising turn of events, Aston Martin recently announced a partnership with Honda, who will become the works engine manufacturer for the team starting from 2026. The engine manufacturer for Red Bull, to further bolster their performance on the track.

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Currently holding a strong second place in the championship standings, Aston Martin’s ambition and determination show no signs of waning. This collaboration represents a significant step towards Aston Martin’s goal of competing for championships within five years. It marks a strategic move for Aston Martin to leverage not only Red Bull’s engineering expertise but also their alliance with Honda. By joining forces with Honda, Aston Martin aims to benefit from its renowned power unit, strengthening its position and competitiveness on the Formula 1 grid.


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As the 2023 Formula 1 season unfolds, Aston Martin’s relentless pursuit of excellence has not gone unnoticed. Aston Martin has become a formidable force in the championship battle. As the battle for supremacy continues, all eyes will be on Aston Martin as they strive to dethrone Red Bull.

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