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French Formula 1 driver Pierre Gasly and his girlfriend Kika Gomes have been the talk of the town, sharing their love story on and off the track since 2022. As the off-season embraces the F1 community, the Alpine driver and Kika’s winter downtime in London has become the unexpected heartwarming spectacle fans didn’t know they needed. Recently, they shared a funny video on social that shifted the spotlight to their endearing and downright funny, yet classy relationship.

The Gasly-Gomes love story has been unfolding publicly since they first made their relationship official in 2023. Born in Portugal in 2003, Kika Gomes is not just a supportive presence in Pierre Gasly’s life but also a prominent figure in the fashion and social media spheres. With over 600k Instagram followers and a portfolio featuring collaborations with renowned brands like H&M, NIVEA, and Nespresso, just to name a few, Kika brings her own flair to the world of Formula 1.

F1 fan shared Pierre Gasly and his girlfriend’s hilarious TikTok moment


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Pierre Gasly made his relationship with his girlfriend official in 2023 when he shared a New Year post after celebrating in Dubai with Kika. The couple’s red carpet debut at the Cannes Film Festival and their stylish appearance at Wimbledon showcased a perfect blend of love and fashion. Gasly has often referred to Kika as his “lucky charm,” emphasizing her supportive role during the 2023 Miami Grand Prix.

Amidst the quiet streets of London, the Frenchman and Kika’s winter escapades took an amusing turn, giving fans a candid glimpse into their relationship dynamics. Shared by f1wags on Instagram, the post featured a viral TikTok video originally posted by Kika. In this light-hearted moment, Kika humorously ponders, How does he not notice I’m mad at him? We haven’t talked in 20 minutes. What is he even thinking about?

Meanwhile, Gasly, oblivious to Kika’s inner monologue, provides a comedic twist of his own, contemplating a hypothetical showdown with a bear. I can take a bear in a fight. Not like a grizzly bear, but a black bear. Jump on his back, put in a headlock.The juxtaposition of Kika’s relatable frustration and Gasly’s playful musings created a delightful moment that is sure to melt the hearts of both their fans.


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Pierre Gasly shared many more moments of their London escapades on his Instagram, and interestingly, one of his posts caught the attention of his fellow racer and 7-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton gives a candid 2-word response on Pierre Gasly’s London escapades

During Gasly and Kika’s London adventures, they encountered the wax figure of Lewis Hamilton and many more at Madame Tussauds Museum. The Frenchman shared the experience on Instagram, prompting a light-hearted response from the seven-time world champion. Hamilton, upon seeing Gasly’s post, humorously inquired, No tag?


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Gasly, quick on his feet, playfully responded by adding Hamilton’s Instagram tag to the photo. This exchange between the drivers added a touch of camaraderie to the offseason antics, showcasing the friendly relationships that exist beyond the racetrack.

Gasly and Kika’s time in London was not just filled with laughs but also with various activities that showcased their down-to-earth and adventurous sides. From boarding the Metro to attending a theater, indulging in restaurants, and leisurely strolls, the couple embraced the city’s offerings. One notable moment occurred when Pierre Gasly, attempting ice skating, inadvertently knocked down a woman. Undeterred by the mishap, Kika found humor in the situation, commenting, “The video is too good” and playfully offering Gasly an ice skating class.


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As we eagerly await the return of the 2024 F1 season, let’s celebrate the lighter side of Formula 1, where relationships flourish, and even world-class drivers can find humor in hypothetical bear fights.

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