Esteban Ocon was out of the dating market for a long time. He was in a relationship with Elena Berri since 2018 until they split up earlier this year in the summer. The news of their break-up spread through the Formula 1 community when Ocon publicly unfollowed Elena, signaling the end of their five-year journey.

But where one chapter closes, another opens. The end of the 2023 Formula 1 season introduced us to Flavy Barla, the new love interest who is now on Ocon’s side. In this article, we’ll shed light on how the romance rumors between Esteban Ocon and Flavy Barla started and who is this young lady who captured the heart of the Alpine racer.

How did we come to know about Esteban Ocon’s new girlfriend?


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After his breakup with Elena Berri, rumors started spreading about a potential romance between Esteban Ocon and Flavy Barla based on their social media activity. While neither Ocon nor Barla officially confirmed their relationship initially, the rumors took an interesting turn when the two began following each other on Instagram, actively liking each other’s posts.


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Flavy was even spotted at the Monaco Grand Prix, coincidentally in the same area where Ocon’s ex-partner Elena Berri was usually seen. Fans started noticing significant interactions, including Flavy following Esteban’s team account and Esteban following a Monaco hotel featured in Flavy’s posts. Speculation reached new heights as fans noticed matching bracelets, Mick Schumacher’s girlfriend, Laila Hasanovic, following Flavy, and Esteban following Flavy’s sister on Instagram.

Clues also emerged about their potential joint vacation when both started posting from Cote d’Azur concurrently. The puzzle pieces finally fell into place at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in November, where Ocon and Barla made their debut public appearance as a couple. The images of the pair strolling around the paddock of the Yas Marina Circuit marked the official confirmation of their romance, capturing the imagination of Formula 1 fans worldwide.

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Flavy’s presence extended beyond the spectator stands. She was spotted in the Alpine garage, standing by Ocon as he geared up for the race weekend. The snapshots showcased her beaming alongside Ocon, exuding joy in a stylish white dress. The couple also shared pics of their most recent escapade in Venice, where Ocon is spending quality time during the holiday season with his new girlfriend.

But what do we know about Flavy Barla?

Flavy Barla, the new love interest in Esteban Ocon’s life, is a 20-year-old medical student with aspirations of becoming a surgeon. Born on February 9, 2003, in Nice, France, Flavy holds the prestigious title of Miss Cote d’Azur, a remarkable achievement in the world of beauty pageants.


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Beyond the glitz and glamor, Barla aspires to leverage her platform to contribute to the fight against cancer, a cause close to her heart. This insight into her character reveals a woman of substance, displaying resilience and commitment to making a positive impact beyond the spectacle of the fashion world.

Flavy Barla shares glimpses of her life on Instagram, where she boasts an impressive following of about 115k fans. Through 160 stunning pictures, she offers a peek into her glamorous lifestyle, featuring photoshoots, fashionable outfits, and globetrotting adventures. Despite her growing public presence, details about Flavy Barla’s net worth remain undisclosed, leaving fans intrigued about the woman who has seamlessly integrated into the life of Esteban Ocon.


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