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Amid Demands to Sack Lance Stroll, Lawrence Stroll & Co. Deliver Subtle Message After Vegas Onslaught

Published 11/20/2023, 12:24 PM EST

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In a surprising turn of events at the Las Vegas Grand Prix, Lance Stroll showcased an exceptional performance, climbing from 19th to 5th. For the 25-year-old Canadian, this performance served as a strong reply to his critics. Aston Martin also took it to social media and delivered a subtle message to his haters, who have been demanding his exit from the team.

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Lance Stroll faced a barrage of criticism leading up to the Las Vegas GP, with calls for his dismissal echoing through the Formula 1 community. However, in a turn of events that could only be described as a Vegas-style twist. The young Canadian delivered a remarkable performance at the 3.85-mile Las Vegas Strip Circuit.

Aston Martin delivers a subtle jab to Lance Stroll critics with a befitting Instagram post


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The race on Sunday saw the Canadian gain a remarkable 10 places on the first lap alone, securing a sixth-place finish. George Russell‘s 5-second time penalty later elevated his position to fifth. Lance Stroll, reveling in being on the “front foot,” navigated from the last row to the top five. It was a display of a commendable recovery drive from the young Canadian.

Despite a five-place grid penalty, Stroll strategically utilized Safety Car conditions, making two crucial stops and minimizing time loss. His impressive start, coupled with a stellar first lap, marked the most significant gain of the day, underscoring Stroll’s determination to silence his critics.


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In a post-race Instagram post, Aston Martin subtly addressed the naysayers with a caption that read, “A barnstorming drive. 💪.” This succinct message also served as a counterpoint to the demands for Lance Stroll’s dismissal, leaving critics with a subtle acknowledgment of Stroll’s prowess on the track. As discussions about Lance’s future within the team intensify, this subtle gesture injects an air of confidence back into the Aston Martin camp.

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Lance Stroll was himself immensely satisfied with the impressive drive in Vegas as he spoke to Lawrence Barretto during the post-race interviews.

Lance Stroll impressed with Aston Martin’s performance after having failed to achieve their potential this season

The race in Las Vegas presented challenges for the Canadian driver. It included a grid penalty for his infringement during FP3 that dropped him from P14 to P19. However, despite facing adversity, Lance Stroll’s satisfaction with his impressive drive at the Las Vegas Grand Prix echoed through the paddock. Climbing from 19th to a commendable fifth, Stroll’s recovery showcased his resilience and determination on the track.


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Stroll’s noteworthy first lap propelled him into the top 10. It set the stage for him for a strong comeback by the end of the race. Taking advantage of the Safety Car deployment, he strategically made a pit stop, further improving his position. When asked about his feelings post-race, Stroll expressed contentment, stating, “Yeah, for sure. The race did come through as [we had] a good first lap, good strategy, and great recovery.”

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Acknowledging the struggles Aston Martin faced in the latter half of the season, Stroll found joy in competing at the sharp end again. He emphasized the car’s good pace throughout the race. He added, “The car was feeling good today, and we had good pace throughout the race.”


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The Formula 1 community reflects on Lance Stroll’s exceptional performance at the Las Vegas Grand Prix. The narrative shifts from demands for his removal to an appreciation of his racing acumen. Also, Aston Martin’s subtle Instagram post serves as a reminder that in the world of F1, fortunes can change swiftly. And a driver’s mettle is often tested on the track. So, what are your thoughts on Lance Stroll’s resurgence and Aston Martin’s response? Let us know in the comments below.

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