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Formula 1 is a tough nut to crack as a team. There have been so many teams in the past that have not been able to survive the harsh crucible of the sport. Teams like Lotus and Leyton House Racing had so much promise when they entered the F1, but couldn’t manage to stay afloat. The same would have happened with Force India (now Aston Martin) back in 2018 if it was not for the brilliance of Lance Stroll‘s father Lawrence Stroll in saving the team. Although Formula 1 has rejected Andretti‘s recent bid to enter the sport as a constructor, the example of Force India serves as a beacon of hope for teams that might want to join F1 in the future.

Force India faced a major financial crisis in 2018, especially after its driver Sergio Perez took legal action due to unpaid wages. As a result, the team went into administration on July 27, hoping to find new owners who could handle its debts. However, Lawrence Stroll and his team of investors ensured that all creditors were paid off completely and that the jobs of all the team members were secure.

Martin Brundle cautions Formula 1 against rejecting new teams from joining the sport


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Andretti, a huge name in the sporting history of America, partnered with Cadillac to enter as the 11th team on the Formula 1 grid. They had already gotten the approval from the FIA to do so. However, F1 declined their entry into the sport. The rejection came despite the possibility of Andretti-Cadillac securing a deal to use Renault engines initially, with General Motors set to join as an engine manufacturer in 2028. As for the reason, F1 stated that adding an 11th team wouldn’t add much value to the championship until GM is ready with their power unit in 2028.

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However, in a recent discussion of the unfolding pre-season drama on Sky Sports F1, Martin Brundle cautioned Formula 1 of being overconfident in the current structure. “I understand why a lot of the teams in Formula 1 were like, ‘No, we don’t want to share the pie out anymore, we’re happy with 20 cars. And they think that Andretti with a customer engine won’t really be bringing anything to Formula 1. But I think Formula 1 mustn’t be too confident. You got to think a little bit longer term, said Brundle.

He reminded F1 of how there should always be a room on the grid for good teams. “Just a short while ago Force India was about to collapse. Everybody losing their jobs, the team at Silverstone evaporating, going broke. And that’s turned into the incredible investment that Lawrence Stroll has made and others at Aston Martin and there are a number of other teams that were pretty shaky four or five years ago. And we now find ourselves in where all the teams absolvent and doing good business. But let’s not assume it’s always going to stay. That Circle, what goes around comes around on that. So we need to think long and hard about having some more credible teams available,” he added.

Although F1 rejected the Andretti-Cadillac bid to enter F1, we should remember that they already had a car under development in the wind tunnel in case they got the green light.

Andretti wants a strong American works team in F1 competing against the best

The team didn’t take the rejection lightly. They expressed strong disagreement with F1’s assessment in a statement, “Andretti Cadillac has reviewed the information Formula One Management Limited has shared and strongly disagree with its contents.” They emphasized the progress they’ve made in developing a competitive car and power unit.


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“Andretti and Cadillac are two successful global motorsports organizations committed to placing a genuine American works team in F1, competing alongside the world’s best… and our work continues at pace.” Even Mario Andretti was left shocked by F1’s rejection. He tweeted, “I’m devastated. I won’t say anything else because I can’t find any other words besides devastated.”


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With the other teams supposedly rejecting the proposition of having an 11th team, do you think Andretti-Cadillac has a chance at making it to the grid even when GM, Cadillac’s parent company, develops its own power unit? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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