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The F1 Sprint Race format in 2023 was a point of contention for the teams and the drivers. They believed that the Sprint Weekend did not make a lot of sense. Many even wanted to get rid of the Sprint Races altogether. However, F1 is committed to the concept and we finally have a new Sprint race format for 2024. And it is a welcome change alongside other major revamps to the rules for the upcoming season.

You see, the main issue around the Sprint Races was the way the weekend was structured. We had two Free Practice sessions on Friday followed by the Qualifying session for the main Race, establishing the starting order for Sunday. Then on Saturday, the focus shifted completely to the Sprint, starting with the Sprint Shootout Qualifying followed by the 100 km race. This disjointed nature of the weekend structure left the fans and the drivers waiting a whole day (Saturday) for the main event.

F1 flips the Sprint Race weekend structure for a better experience


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The conclusion of the recent Formula 1 Commission meeting held on February 5th came with the decision to revamp the weekend structure for Sprint Races. According to the new structure, Fridays during the sprint race weekend will have one traditional FP1 session instead of two. It will be followed by the Sprint Shootout on Friday itself, setting the grid for the 100 km Sprint. These changes sets the stage for a much more dynamic start to the weekend, setting the tone for what promises to be an action-packed Saturday and Sunday.

The Sprint Race will be held on Saturday morning. Grand Prix qualifying will follow the sprint race, maintaining its importance in determining grid positions for the main race on Sunday. This change marks the third revision to the sprint format since its introduction in 2021. Formula 1 is also open to suggestions and feedback to further improve the experience of the Sprint weekends in the future.

As for the venues of the Sprint weekends, fans will be delighted with the return of the Chinese Grand Prix after its hiatus since 2019. The other sprint weekends will take place in Miami, Austria, Austin, Brazil, and Qatar.

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There were two other major changes in the rules for 2024, including one for the DRS and the other for the engines

F1 is set for a major change in the DRS activation and engine allocation for drivers

F1 fans will be delighted to know that the DRS rule for DRS activation has been revamped. The DRS will now be activated after 1 lap at the start of the Grand Prix and after the end of a Safety Car period compared to the previous rule of activating after 2 laps. This rule is bound to enhance the racing experience as it will create more opportunities for close racing and overtakes at crucial moments of the race.


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The drivers will also benefit from the increased number of engine allocations for 2024. Driver will be allowed to use 4 engines for the season instead of 3, significantly reducing the possibilities of grid penalties due to unfortunate circumstances. One thing that’s worth noting is that all these changes will be reviewed by the FIA’s World Motorsport Council after they are submitted to the racing body on February 28th for formal approval.


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