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The past can sometimes come back to haunt even the most celebrated drivers. The case of Felipe Massa’s pursuit of the 2008 F1 WDC title is one such example, resurfacing after 15 years with insidious motives and a desire for justice that refuses to fade away. Massa, the former Ferrari driver, finds himself entangled in a legal battle that not only seeks to rectify what he perceives as a conspiracy but also aims to reclaim a title that slipped through his fingers in the hands of Lewis Hamilton, in the most contentious circumstances. While the lawsuit revolves around a staggering $13,000,000 claim against F1 and the FIA, is it the underlying quest for fairness and the integrity of the sport that truly drives Massa’s actions?

In 2008, the championship witnessed a showdown between Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton with Massa, leading the Singapore GP, saw his championship hopes dashed when a deliberate crash orchestrated by Nelson Piquet Jr. triggered a safety car, ultimately benefiting Massa’s future teammate, Fernando Alonso.


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This strategic manipulation turned the tide of the race and Hamilton, racing for McLaren at the time, secured the title by just a single point later in Brazil, leaving Massa to grapple with the disappointment of a missed opportunity. Despite the passage of 15 years, Massa has decided to pursue justice for what he believes was an unjust outcome. Massa’s resolve to “fight to the end” stems from his conviction that the championship was marred by manipulation.

In a recent episode of the “Formula for Success” podcast hosted by Eddie Jordan and David Coulthard, the duo expressed their mixed sentiments about Massa’s pursuit of justice. Questioning, “Is Felipe getting anything out of this? I don’t understand. And publicity? I understand the hurt that must have been happening here now, having 15 years later brought this up, but turn the page, my man. I love you very much, you’ve been a great supporter and a great friend in Formula 1. Felipe, rest easy, turn the page and move on.” acknowledging Massa’s contribution to F1 and urging him to find closure, recognizing Massa’s role as a valued supporter and friend in the F1 community.

While voices from the community, encourage him to “turn the page and move on,” Massa’s determination to seek justice stands strong. For him, this battle is not just a publicity stunt it seems or about reclaiming a title lost, it’s about exposing the truth, rectifying a perceived injustice.

Felipe Massa’s pursuit for compensation

Felipe Massa’s determination to revisit the events of 2008 isn’t solely focused on rewriting the championship’s history. There’s a substantial financial component to his pursuit. Following Lewis Hamilton’s victory and the subsequent title loss, Massa missed out on the substantial financial rewards that accompany the F1 championship. With a hefty bonus usually paid to the world champion, Massa’s bank account remained devoid of this windfall. Thus, his legal claim isn’t just about justice but also about reclaiming the financial benefits he believes were rightfully his.


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In the wake of the controversy, Massa’s legal team took action by sending a ‘Letter Before Claim’ to the FIA and FOM, seeking answers and compensation. However, the response from the governing bodies has been delayed, citing the summer break and a shortage of personnel as reasons. This delay has not sat well with Massa’s team, and they have asserted that a three-month wait for a response is unacceptable. In a recent letter, Massa’s legal team has set a deadline for a response, warning that failure to comply will result in the initiation of legal proceedings in the UK High Court.


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What do you think should Massa move on or continue his fight?

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