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Is Charles Leclerc following in the footsteps of his future teammate Lewis Hamilton? The 7-time champion is often the talking point in the F1 paddock not only due to his unique fashion sense but also because of his baby dog, Roscoe’s presence. And now, we are expecting Charles Leclerc to soon be accompanied to race weekends by the newest addition to his family, ‘Leo’, the cute little puppy who has been turning heads all over social media. And Leclerc can’t stop flaunting his new baby to the fans.

Just a couple of days ago, the F1 community was caught by a pleasant surprise on social media as pictures of Charles Leclerc holding a small puppy went viral, sparking speculations about a new member in the Monegasque driver’s family along with his girlfriend Alexandra Saint Mleux. What followed was detective work from the F1 community to dig out more instances where Charles and ‘Leo Leclerc’ were seen together.


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One such heartwarming moment caught on camera was Leclerc giving kisses to baby Leo as he sat on Alexandra’s lap in what seemed like a restaurant. Leo was also present with the couple at the launch of Leclerc’s new frozen dessert brand, ‘Lec’ whose logo is strikingly similar to the word ‘Leo’ when glanced over. But Leclerc had not yet directly posted about ‘Leo’ on his own social media handles. But that’s starting to change as he recently posted a picture of himself and Leo on his Instagram Story.

This might be the start of something interesting as Lewis Hamilton is to join Ferrari. We could get a lot more shared moments between Leo and Roscoe in 2025.

Charles Leclerc and Leo could surpass the popularity of Lewis Hamilton and Roscoe

Roscoe Hamilton has long been a familiar sight in the Formula 1 paddock. And while he doesn’t shy away from interacting with people when he meets them, he has not had the company of another furry fellow. But now, with the prospect of Leo coming along to races with Charles Leclerc, there’s the possibility of Roscoe and Leo becoming buddies.


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What’s interesting to note is that Leo still doesn’t have a dedicated social media page like Roscoe does. Lewis Hamilton often posts photos and videos of Roscoe and captions it as if Roscoe had written the post himself, which is something fans absolutely adore. However, with the internet already starting to fall in love with Leo, it might not be long before he also has a dedicated page of his own.


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Could Leo and Charles become even more of an adored driver-pet duo in Formula 1? Share your thoughts on the matter in the comments below.

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