Lando Norris Validates Rickie Fowler’s Golf Comeback as Netflix Gears Up for Disruptive Live Contest

Published 11/03/2023, 4:01 AM EDT

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With the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend hours away from commencement, Lando Norris enters the land of Brazil in great form. However, it seems like F1 is not his only focus for now. With Norris set to be a part of Netflix’s first live contest, he recently shared his insights on his partner for the event.

At the press conference for the Brazilian Grand Prix, Lando Norris was asked about the upcoming Netflix Cup, which is set to be streamed live on November 14, just days before the Las Vegas Grand Prix. With such a tight schedule and a GP at an entirely new track—that too a street circuit!—it’ll be interesting to see if Norris can ace all these events.

Lando Norris reveals his Netflix Cup teammate


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Just so everyone’s aware, the upcoming Netflix Cup is gearing up to become a live event that will showcase four teams, comprising two people. Each would consist of a representative from F1 and the PGA Tour. These teams will play an eight-hole match and the top two teams will advance to the final hole. Lando Norris, Carlos Sainz, Pierre Gasly, and Alex Albon will be representing F1 at this live event.

In the Brazilian GP press conference, Lando Norris was asked whether he’s in good shape on the golf course amidst a busy F1 season. However, a brutally honest Norris replied, “Nope! I played yesterday here in São Paulo, but… I’m feeling alright. I’ve not been playing a lot of golf at all over the last few months, just for different reasons. So, I’ve kind of lost touch but I’ve tried to get back into it in the last few days, and I will continue to, before Vegas next week and before the event. So, I’m sure I’ll be alright – or at least get carried by my team-mate.”


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Love the honesty! Never change, Lando Norris. However, Norris also had his Tom Holland moment as he revealed a secret that he was probably supposed to keep to himself. When asked who his teammate for the event would be, he stated, “I don’t know if I’m allowed or not. But sure, Rickie Fowler. A good guy. I watched all of the guys and Rickie is kind of a bit more back on form lately, comparing to where he was at the beginning of the year and last couple of years. I’m excited. It’s going to be the first live event for Netflix, which is a cool thing to be part of. Nice course and everything. And yeah, I don’t know, like how the whole event is going to work but I’m sure it’s going to be good, fun.”

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Oh well, if any Golf-F1 fan was looking forward to finding out Norris’ teammate on the day of the live stream, Norris took the initiative to let you know beforehand. With Rickie Fowler set to be his teammate, and Norris validating his comeback, perhaps this duo can be one of the favorites to win.

Lando Norris: A man of many hobbies


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Despite being a talented F1 driver who has taken the responsibility of carrying McLaren on his shoulders, Norris happens to be a man of different talents and hobbies. Turns out that Golf isn’t his only hobby besides F1. If you didn’t know, growing up, Lando Norris’ first love wasn’t racing, it was rather horse riding and quad biking!

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Moreover, he’s also an avid photographer, does DJing, plays the drums, and let’s not forget, an entertaining Twitch streamer! By the way, did I mention that he’s into Esports as well, and owns a team called ‘Quadrant’? Based on all this information, one thing’s for sure. If Norris, for whatever reason, decides to step away from F1, he surely will have other ventures to relish in.


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With the upcoming live event Netflix Cup approaching soon, Lando Norris gets honest and reveals his teammate. Thanks to his validation, Rickie Fowler is certainly going to receive a morale boost. It’ll be interesting to see how Norris manages to balance out a busy schedule.


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